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2024 Superstitions and Traditions: Grapes Under The Table, Running With A Suitcase And Colorful Underwear?

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By Melanie VanDerveer on December 31, 2023 at 7:00 PM EST

Depending on who you ask, you can get a variety of responses on what New Year's Eve traditions and superstitions are worth looking into.

Many TikTok creators have been sharing their thoughts on what you should and shouldn't do New Year's Eve and New Year's Day if you want to call in abundance, luck, love and a memorable year.

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Barbara "Babs" Costello Has Some New Year's Eve Tips To Share!

Barbara Babs Costello
Brunch with Babs - Instagram

In true Babs fashion, "Everyone's Grandmother" has interesting tips to share about what you should do to ensure you have the best year yet. She shared her tips in an Instagram video.

"Do these five things on New Year's Eve when the clock strikes 12 and 2024 will be your best year yet," Costello started her video. She then shared some popular traditions from around the world.

In Spain, there's a tradition for good luck.

"The tradition in Spain is to sit under the table and consume 12 grapes at each stroke of the clock at midnight," she said.

She then moved onto a tradition from Denmark for happiness.

"For happiness, the tradition in Denmark is to throw plates at the front doors of your friends and neighbors," she said. "The more broken plates, the more happiness."

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Wearing red undergarments is a tradition held in Italy for fertility, in the hopes that this will help you conceive in the new year.

Another tradition, one from Turkey, is to sprinkle salt on the doorstep at exactly the stroke of midnight in the hopes of a peace and prosperous new year.

"For a promising new year, the tradition in Ireland is to have all the doors and windows throughout the home open before the stroke of midnight," she said. "Out with the old, in with the new."

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TikTok Creator Shares The Importance Behind Wearing Certain Colors

I.E. In Besties on TikTok
I.E. In Besties - TikTok

TikTok account @ieinbesties shared some information about why wearing certain colors on New Year's Eve is important for the new year.

"You're supposed to wear a certain color on New Year's Eve, for the underwear, like, for what you want into the next year," she said. She then ran through a bunch of colors and the meanings behind them.

She said many Latinas traditionally wear yellow underwear on New Year's Eve because it "brings luck, money, and happiness."

"Blue is the color of health and wellness," she continued. "White represents peace, harmony, and tranquility. Black represents power and focus."

She went on to explain that green represents life, freedom, and nature.

She then said to just pick a color, wear it, and "essentially manifesting it for the year."

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The video received more than 5 million views, and many viewers jumped into the comment section to ask questions and leave their thoughts.  Many added that red underwear brings love to you in the new year.

"Red is for love !!! And go under the table with your 12 grapes," one person wrote. Another added, "I wore red. I met my hubby. I will wear green next year."

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Other TikTokers Also Shared The Rituals And Traditions They Believe Should Be Done On New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve traditions
Mom Life with Taylor - TikTok

Many other TikTok creators also shared videos talking about what traditions and rituals they believe should be done on New Year's Eve.

"Mom Life With Taylor" shared a few videos to help people navigate in luckier ways on New Year's Eve. One simple video shares things to do for good luck, including eating 12 grapes under the table, running down the street with luggage, and blowing cinnamon at the front door.

The video received more than 1 million views and tons of comments.

One person hilariously asked what seems like a very sensible question. "How am I supposed to be eating grapes under a table and running around outside with a suitcase at the same time!"

Another person added one additional thing to do on New Year's Eve, saying, "Throwing water out of the door at midnight to wash away the past year and bring in good things for the new year."

In a follow-up video, Taylor shared another tradition that many keep.

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Another TikTok creator, Mar Alejandra, also shared some reminders for the New Year.

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One viewer commented, "Don’t forget to play music and dance in your home for happiness to remain all year!"

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