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Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce's Romance Boosting Kansas City's Economy

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on December 30, 2023 at 2:23 PM EST
Updated on December 30, 2023 at 2:23 PM EST

Taylor Swiftand Travis Kelce's romance is actually helping to boost Kansas City's economy, according to the vice president of the Kansas City Area Development Council.

Although some NFL fans are blaming the "Love Story" singer for Kelce's poor performance as of late, her attendance at the Chiefs games is good for the city.

“Everybody loves a love story,” Jessica Palm, the vice president at Kansas City Area Development Council, said. “Kansas City is the backdrop to this love story unfolding.”

The Kansas City Area Development Council is responsible for bringing businesses and talent to the area, and having Swift at the Chiefs home games, certainly classifies as bringing talent to the area.

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Taylor Swift Has Brought In $48M Into Kansas City

Taylor Swift Struts Into Chiefs Stadium To Cheer On Travis Kelce

Jessica Palm went on to explain how Taylor Swift has propelled Kansas City into the unthinkable, bringing global stages and international entrepreneurs to the city.

“When I started in this role we were talking about Dorothy and Toto,” Palm, who has been part of Kansas City Area Development Council for 13 years, explained. “Now we are talking about global stages and the international entrepreneur, pop star hanging out in Kansas City.”

To give a better idea of just how much of an influence Taylor Swift has brought to Kansas City, the Eras Tour is responsible for bringing $48 million directly into the city, according to reports.

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Now, pair that with Taylor Swift dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce, and the city is booming. According to Palm, Taylor and Travis often visit local restaurants and businesses, which, of course, helps the economy.

On top of Travis and Taylor supporting the businesses, the 'buzz' around where the couple is also draws people in, bringing in even more money.

Following Taylor Swift's first NFL game at Arrowhead, the two dined at Prime Social, which has received 4,900% more Google searches since then.

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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce attend the SNL afterparty in New York
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Gary Worden, owner of Argentinian steakhouse Piropos in Kansas City, recalls a phone call he received on October 24 around 8:40 p.m.

"That's when I usually get a call that something is broken or maybe there's a flooding," Worden, who runs the restaurant, said. "But my manager said, 'Taylor and Travis are here!' So I said, 'Give them the private room. Make sure the staff keeps quiet and don't make a fool of themselves.'"

Since Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift dined at the steakhouse, Worden says reservations have been booking up fast, and they have seen about 20% growth.

"I hate turning people down," Worden said. "We have been taking as many as we can, but it's been very, very busy."

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Taylor Swift Sells Out Clothing Items

Taylor Swift Shows Support For Travis Kelce at Multiple NFL Games

In addition to the restaurant business booming thanks to Taylor Swift, clothing stores are also seeing an increase in sales, especially after the December 10 game where Swift was seen wearing a rare '90's, black-and-red sweatshirt, a sweatshirt Chris Harrington, who owns a store in Kansas City, sold.

“[Taylor Swift] got what’s considered in the Chiefs community a ‘grail’ sweatshirt because it's a very hard sweatshirt to find,” Harrington told USA Today. “That sweatshirt was in my closet two months ago. And then to see it on the Time Person of the Year, one of the biggest pop stars in the world wearing it, is huge.”

Afterward, Harrington's business had 10 times the sales he used to.

Kathryn Cacho, Harrington's girlfriend, took a video of the package and posted it to TikTok before sending it off, which is how the jacket got connected back to Harrington and his store.

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