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Disobedient Audience Member Interrupts Dave Chappelle's Performance, Sending Him Off Stage 

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By Afouda Bamidele on December 29, 2023 at 11:00 AM EST

Dave Chappelle may be one of the greatest jokesters in the game, but he does not joke with his rules! 

Audience members got a different side of the stand-up comedian and actor when one of them used a cellphone to record him during a recent routine at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood. The man's action was frowned upon by Chappelle, who abruptly stopped the show.

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Dave Chappelle Walks Off Stage Mid Show After Cellphone Mishap

Towards the end of Chappelle's Wednesday performance, he engaged in conversation with an audience member. It was during the interaction he observed a man recording him near the front row. 

He promptly singled out the man, reprimanding him for recording and offering an explanation to the audience about his no-phone policy. The controversial comedian, widely recognized for his provocative humor, also notified security and likened a phone pointed at him to a gun.

After his speech, Chappelle left the stage, visibly shaking his head in apparent frustration. It is worth noting here that cell phones and other recording devices are strictly forbidden during the "Blue Streak" actor's shows, and Wednesday night's performance was no different.

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Comedian Dave Chappelle is all dressed up as he leaves the Nice Guy restaurant
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Attendees were informed of the policy when purchasing tickets, and there were reminders throughout Hard Rock Live with signage emphasizing the restriction.

To adhere to the no-phone policy, attendees were required to place their phones in Yondr bags upon entering the venue. These bags were then securely locked and could only be opened at designated areas outside the theater.

According to WPTV, even DJ Trauma, responsible for on-stage introductions, cautioned the audience before the show began that phones were strictly prohibited. Any individual caught with a phone would face removal from the venue.

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Another Of Chappelle's Shows Made The News For It's Accompanying Drama

Chappelle's Boston show equally had its share of drama thanks to the controversial statements he supposedly made specifically addressing the Israel-Hamas war. 

He is said to have criticized Hamas for the October 7 attack on Israel and expressed disapproval of the Israeli government's decision to restrict electricity and water in Gaza. 

US media reports from that time suggested that some attendees walked out, and the 50-year-old even engaged with an audience member who shouted, "Shut the f— up." The father of four later dismissed the allegations as "hearsay" in his North Carolina show, claiming:

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"Right now, I'm in trouble because the Jewish community is upset. But I cannot express this enough: No matter what you read about that show in Boston, you will never see quotation marks around anything I said. They don't know what I said."

Dave Chappelle at Dave Chappelle: Untitled - UK Film Premiere, London, UK
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He added, "The other night, I said something about Palestine in Boston and got misquoted all over the world. And I will not repeat what I said." While he spoke, a woman in the crowd allegedly shouted, "Free Palestine," prompting Chappelle to respond:

"Please, please, miss. Listen. Don't start it up or I'm going to be in the news cycle for another week. This thing that's happening in the Middle East is bigger than everybody."

The "You've Got Mail" star then acknowledged, "This is what's happening, and, believe me, I understand what's happening in Israel is a nightmare. What's happening in Palestine is a nightmare." 

Chappelle wrapped up, "There are only two kinds of people in the world: people who love other people and the people who have things to make them afraid to love other people. Pray for everyone in Israel. Pray for everyone in Palestine. And remember that every dead person is a dead person." 

Meanwhile, The Blast reported that even though there is no visual footage of the moment, podcaster Imran Muneer shared a post discussing what transpired at the show on X.

As Muneer detailed, Chappelle strongly reacted to an audience member who yelled "shut the f— up" while he was discussing the Israel-Hamas war. The comedian allegedly stated, "You don't take tens of billions from my country to go kill innocent women and children and come and tell me to shut the f— up." 

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The podcaster asserted that Chappelle further expressed, "Don't come begging for money from my country and then go drop bombs on children and cut off innocent people's water and electricity. You have the audacity to pay to come see me and then tell me to shut the f— up; no, you shut the f— up."

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