Scott Weiland Left Behind More Debt in Death Than His Estate Can Handle

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By TheBlast Staff on December 24, 2017 at 10:17 PM EST

Scott Weiland owed so much money when he died that his estate may go upside down in an effort to pay back all the creditors.

The late Stone Temple Pilots frontman's ex-wife and estate administrator, Mary Weiland, filed documents making it clear that the rocker's debts outweigh the value of the estate ... by a lot.

Mary says they are still going through the process of having Scott's property appraised, but so far have a running value of $561,846.63.

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However, she says he still has many creditors that need to be paid, including a claim by City National Bank to the tune of $691,971. She also says there is a lien for a money judgment filed by the Riverside County Department of Social Services in the amount of $1,026,268.44. It's unclear if the back child support is for the two children he had with Mary, or someone else.

The documents also take a little shot at Weiland's widow, Jaime Weiland, making it clear that she has no interest in the estate because she had a prenuptial agreement with Scott, and anything else she's owed has already been settled.

Mary says she thinks the estate may end up being estimated around $2,000,000 once everything is appraised, but is unsure if that will be enough to cover all Scott's debt.

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It might time to sell that sweet Joe Montana Notre Dame jersey.

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