Eminem Files For Protective Order Against 'RHOP' Stars Amid Trademark Dispute Case

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By Afouda Bamidele on December 28, 2023 at 11:21 PM EST

Eminem is fighting back against the request of "RHOP" stars Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon for him to be deposed in court amid their trademark dispute case.

The iconic rapper is seeking a protective order against the two reality stars, explaining that it won't be easy for him to show up in person in court.

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Eminem Wages War With 'RHOP' Stars Over Trademark Dispute

Eminem responded to Bryant and Dixon's motion requesting he appear physically for a deposition with a request for a protective order. According to the "Mockingbird" rapper, showing up in court would be "unduly burdensome" because he has "limited knowledge of the subjects at issue."

The 15-time Grammy Award winner claimed he "is removed from the daily activities and details that comprise the use and promotion of" his SHADY marks, even though he is "the listed owner and signatory of the asserted trademark registrations."

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The rapper, whose real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III, submitted three names to the court to appear in his absence because they have "superior knowledge to Mathers on the relevant topics." Per People Magazine, Eminem's manager Paul Rosenberg is one of the listed names.

Eminem claims Rosenberg is an ideal person to be deposed because "it was under Rosenberg’s direction that Mathers registered SHADY marks asserted in this case." Eric Hahn, the Chief Marketing Officer of Universal Music Group subsidiary Fame House, and Stuart Parr, who handled his licensing for many years, were the two other names.

In addition, the award-winning artist argued that "The Real Housewives of Potomac" stars filed a "premature and procedurally improper" motion for his deposition as they failed to serve him first.

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Eminem's legal battle against Bryant and Dixon began in February after the "Lose Yourself" rapper filed an opposition against the pair's trademark application for their podcast name "Reasonably Shady."

It's no news that Eminem is mostly associated with the word shady thanks to his monikers "Slim Shady" and "Shady." He also owns the trademark to use the words on his merch and music.

In February, Eminem filed to block the trademark, citing that his brand would be destroyed if the trademark is granted. He argued that it could cause "confusion" among his fans who know him by his shady monikers.

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"The marks Slim Shady and Shady have become and are an extremely valuable symbol of Mathers, his reputation, and goodwill," the court document read.

Despite Eminem's latest filing, lawyers for Dixon and Bryant are standing on the request for the rapper to be deposed in court. "It seems obvious to us that if you file a lawsuit, you should be made available to be deposed," their attorney told People.

The lawyer explained that his clients would "like to question Mathers at least about his use of the expressions Slim Shady and Shady," adding, "It's unclear to us that Mathers can be the owner of the trademarks and file this suit against our clients but he will not make himself available to be deposed."

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Eminem Stops Republican Presidential Candidate From Using His Song

This isn't Eminem's first rodeo with protecting his art and all it entails. Back in August, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee sent a cease and desist letter to presidential candidateVivek Ramaswamy, who used his song as part of his political campaign.

Ramaswamy who cited Eminem's "Lose Yourself" as his favorite walkout song was warned to stop using Eminem's songs. "BMI has received communications from Marshall B. Mathers III, professionally known as Eminem, objecting to the Vivek Ramaswamy campaign's use of Eminem’s musical compositions (the 'Eminem Works') and requesting that BMI remove all Eminem Works from the Agreement," the statement read.

It continued, "BMI will consider any performance of the Eminem Works by the Vivek 2024 campaign from this date forward to be a material breach of the Agreement for which BMI reserves all rights and remedies with respect thereto."

The 2024 Republican presidential candidate didn't seemingly feel good about Eminem's legal warning and shaded the rapper in an interview.

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Although he agreed to respect the 51-year-old's request, Ramaswamy stated, "Eminem, in his rise, used to be a guy who actually stood up to the establishment and said the things that the establishment didn't want him to say. I think the fact that my political viewpoints may differ from his, I think people change over the course of their lives, but I have hope for him that he will one day rediscover the renegade that made him great and I'm rooting for that success in his life."

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