Is Gypsy Rose's Husband Planning To Profit From Their Relationship?

Is Gypsy Rose's Husband Planning To Profit From Their Relationship?

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on December 28, 2023 at 3:15 PM EST

Gypsy Rose Blanchard's husband, Ryan Anderson, picked her up from prison after she was released on parole -- with a camera crew.

Ryan, whom Gypsy Rose married last June in a prison wedding, is a Louisiana special education teacher. He was the first person Gypsy came into contact with after her release, as he showed up in a car with a license plate that read "HITMAN" -- a wrestling reference.

Since Ryan showed up with a camera crew, some are speculating he is profiting off of their relationship; however, it is important to note that Gypsy does have an upcoming docuseries "The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard," meaning the camera crew could be there for her new project.

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Could The Camera Crew Be For Gypsy Rose Blanchard's Upcoming Docuseries?

"The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard" will be a six-hour special that includes prison interviews with Gypsy Rose Blanchard from the past seven years.

"Over the course of this time, I watched her transform into a woman who holds responsibility for her past and now has the courage to face an unknown new free world for the first time," executive producer Melissa Moore said in a press release of the upcoming docuseries.

The docuseries, "The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard", will air on Lifetime from January 5, 2024, to January 7, 2024.

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What Happened To Gypsy Rose Blanchard?

It is suspected that Gypsy Rose Blanchard was a victim of Munchausen, which is now more commonly known as "Factitious disorder imposed on another." According to investigators, Dee Dee Blanchard, Gypsy's mother, is suspected of having this disorder, which led Dee Dee to lie to her friends, her family members, several doctors, and even Gypsy herself.

Not only did Dee Dee convince Gypsy and everyone else that she suffered from multiple medical disorders, but she also claimed Gypsy was much younger than she was.

After realizing the abuse she endured, Gypsy Rose said she had enough and plotted a way to kill her mother with her then-boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn.

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Is Gypsy Rose's Husband Planning To Profit From Their Relationship?
YouTube | ABC News
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A text message exchange between Gypsy and Nicholas was later recovered by police, which showed the two conspiring to kill Dee Dee.

Gypsy: “This s---s gonna go down tonight..”

Nicholas: “Babe it’s my evil side doing it he won’t mess up because he enjoys killing.”

Gypsy: “We’ll be happy soon after this night we will never bring it up.”

The two carried out the plan in 2015, as Nicholas stabbed Dee Dee to death in her house, while Gypsy was in the other room. On June 14, 2015, Gypsy Rose posted a Facebook status on Dee Dee Blanchard’s page that read, “That B---- is dead!”

Gypsy Rose then left a comment on the post, which read, “I f---ing slashed that fat pig and r---- her sweet innocent daughter… her scream was soooo f---ing loud lol.”

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She Was Released On Parole After Seven Years In Prison

Public Demands Gypsy Rose Blanchard's Doctors Be Held Accountable
Youtube | Law & Crime

Gypsy, who is now 32 years of age, was sentenced to 10 years in prison, with the possibility of parole after she completes 85% of her sentence. On Thursday, December 28, she served seven years and was eligible for parole. She was released around 3:30 a.m. local time.

Nicholas, on the other hand, was sentenced to life in prison without the eligibility of parole.

Following her prison release, she is planning on moving in with her new husband, Ryan Anderson.

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