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Former Soldier Kindly Myers In Bikini Takes A Stroll Through The Snow

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By Kristin Myers on January 4, 2024 at 8:00 AM EST

Model Kindly Myers is definitely giving her 3.5 million Instagram followers something to heat them up this winter!

The Army National Reserve veteran took a stroll through the snow in an itty bitty bikini, wearing her puffy brown jacket open in order to show off her little pink pony tattoo and her fit figure!

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Kindly Myers Is So Hot She's Melting The Snow!

The Playboy cover model has never been afraid to do what needs to be done in order to get a good shot. A few days after Christmas, she shared a video that featured her taking a stroll through the snow in an itty bitty brown bikini. She is wearing her puffy brown jacket as she walks along, smiling brightly as she makes her way through the winter wonderland.

“Them: Aren’t you cold? Me: Maybe, maybe not, maybe go ? yourself,” Kindly wrote in the caption. “Baby, it’s cold outside,” one fan teased. “Shat must have felt breezy,” another follower joked. “Wow, wonderful beauty,” a third fan gushed. “Your beauty certainly heats up my feed pretty well,” another follower chimed in while another fan told her that she was so hot, she was melting the snow!

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Kindly Shows Off Her Curves In A Figure-Hugging Black Dress

In another recent Instagram post, the popular OnlyFans model showed off her hourglass figure in a long-sleeve black dress. She wore her long blonde hair in bombshell waves that fell along either side of her shoulders along with a silver necklace that featured a dog tag hanging from the end of it. A geotag put her in downtown Nashville for this photo shoot.

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“If you wanna be happy DON’T take stuff personal, let stuff go, let people be... Focus on you, your mental health, your spiritual health, your well-being,” she wrote in the caption, repeating the message on the last slide of her Instagram carousel. “Absolutely breathtaking. Stunning statuesque hourglass beauty personified. This dress clearly displays your immense beauty,” one fan gushed. “Good advice. Beautiful pictures. Very elegant and extremely lovely,” another follower agreed while a third fan called her “perfect.”

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Kindly Myers In Black Lingerie Gets Instagram Talking

In a sizzling hot video, Kindly gave fans a head-to-toe look at her latest outfit, starting with her black boots. The camera pans up to show off her black thong and her black vest, which features thin strings that crisscrossed over her chest. Her long blonde hair fell in loose waves over her shoulders as she posed with her arms over her head.

Kindly didn’t write anything in the caption but she did drop three black heart emojis, which her followers quickly returned. “You are simply gorgeous. So unbelievably beautiful,” one fan gushed. “Why do I have a feeling that outfit came with a whip?” another follower asked. “One of the most beautiful ladies on the planet,” a third fan gushed while another follower told her, “You are a goddess. Beautiful on the inside and out.”

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Kindly Looks Good No Matter What She Wears!

In another Instagram post, Kindly showcased her fit figure in a tan turtleneck dress that was tucked underneath a cream-colored blazer. Her long blonde hair spilled over her shoulders as she posed in front of a white car. “Do not forget to buy yourself a small Christmas gift in appreciation for all of your hard work this year. Use discount code KINDLY15 at checkout,” she wrote in the caption.

“So sexy and very classy,” one fan gushed. “You look stunning in that dress,” another follower wrote. “That outfit looks incredible on you and fits like a glove,” a third fan chimed in. “The goddess of the femme fatale!” another follower exclaimed. “You are stunningly beautiful and the most beautiful in the world,” another fan gushed.

Interested in more Kindly Myers content? In another recent Instagram post, the former soldier showed off her "confidence" in a sheer blue lingerie set that could barely contain her massive chest! Fans can check out those steamy snaps by clicking here!

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