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Olivia Dunne In Her Tight Workout Gear Performs The Perfect Splits

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By Alisan Duran on December 26, 2023 at 4:30 PM EST

Renowned for her prowess in gymnastics and dedication to fitness, Olivia Dunne recently captivated fans on Instagram with a display of remarkable flexibility!

The talented athlete, known for her achievements in the world of sports and social media, showcased her agility and strength by performing the perfect splits while donning workout gear.

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Athletic Elegance

Dunne's workout sessions are not just about physical exertion; they embody a sense of athletic elegance. Her recent display of the perfect splits exemplifies not only her flexibility but also the grace with which she executes intricate movements, combining athleticism with artistry.

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As a notable figure in the gymnastics domain, Dunne's dedication to fitness is apparent in every motion she executes. The flawless splits stood as proof of the demanding training and commitment necessary to sustain optimal physical condition, underscoring her steadfast pursuit of excellence. Nevertheless, during the specific instance, the 21-year-old was not engaged in exercise. Instead, she was partaking in a photoshoot, clad in coordinating leggings and sports bra for a promotional campaign associated with an energy drink.

"Anybody wanna split a @Accelerator with me?" Dunne asked in the caption of the post.

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Olivia Dunne strikes a pose while wearing a tight black dress.
Instagram Stories | Olivia Dunne

Performing the splits in workout gear, Dunne showcases not only her physical prowess but also a keen sense of style. The tight workout attire accentuates her form, emphasizing the dedication and discipline that go hand-in-hand with achieving such a high level of fitness.

In the video, Dunne positioned herself against a white backdrop, lifting her left foot and allowing her heel to touch the floor intermittently. Throughout this sequence, the gymnast pointed at her foot, gradually extending her leg to the side before gracefully descending to the ground and executing a flawless split.

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Flawless Form in Workout Gear

Dunne's perfect splits are bound to inspire fitness enthusiasts and aspiring gymnasts alike. Her dedication to mastering complex movements serves as motivation for those on their own fitness journeys, emphasizing the rewards of perseverance and disciplined training.

The uploaded content resonated strongly with Dunne's dedicated fan base. Within a few days, the video garnered an impressive count of more than 2.4 million views, accompanied by over 208,000 likes and 540 notes. Users on the video-sharing platform enthusiastically engaged in the comments section, expressing their thoughts about the share. The majority of comments were filled with compliments and emojis, illustrating the admiration and positive reception that Dunne's performance received.

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One user mentioned Dunne's boyfriend, Paul Skenes, dubbing him "the luckiest man alive."

Another fan noted, "I am genuinely happy because of this!" while the third one wrote, "Only watched 40 times."

A fourth commenter added, "That's unbelievably impressive, Olivia."

Bringing NIL Deals For Her Teammates

In October, a groundbreaking collaboration unfolded between Dunne's "Livvy Fund" and Accelerator Active Energy, marking the initiation of a unique NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) deal for several of her fellow gymnast teammates.

In a pioneering move, Accelerator Active Energy became the inaugural brand to facilitate NIL deals through the Livvy Fund. This strategic partnership designates eight different LSU gymnasts as ambassadors for the energy drink company.

Taking a proactive role, Dunne spearheaded the initiative to support her fellow gymnasts through the Livvy Fund. Collaboratively, Bayou Traditions and Accelerator actively contributed to shaping the criteria for selecting the specific gymnasts involved in this innovative venture.

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Olivia Dunne Shares Her Success

The group of eight gymnasts includes Konnor McClain, who currently holds the title of the reigning all-around national gymnastics champion, along with Jillian Hoffman, Ashley Cowan, Kiya Johnson, Chase Brock, Haleigh Bryant, KJ Johnson, and Sierra Ballard.

The inception of the Livvy Fund earlier this year marked a significant effort to facilitate connections between female student-athletes at LSU and leading brands, enabling them to secure their own NIL deals. In this endeavor, Dunne stands out as the most highly valued female student-athlete currently associated with the fund.

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