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Aaron Carter's Twin Reacts To Their Elder Sister Bobbie Jean Carter's Death

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By Afouda Bamidele on December 24, 2023 at 10:30 AM EST

Angel Carter Conrad, twin of late pop sensation Aaron Carter, is sharing a touching reflection on the tragic death of their elder sister, Bobbie Jean Carter

This heart-wrenching event comes after her shoplifting incident and adds to the family's pain following Aaron's passing in November 2022 and sister Leslie's in 2012.

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Angel Carter Conrad Remembers Sister Bobbie Jean In Heartbreaking Post

The mother-of-one took to Instagram on Sunday morning to share a message to her older sister, writing in part, "To my older sister Bobbie. You had a great sense of humor and a lively spirit. Growing up, I was your baby, and you were my best friend."

Alongside a montage of Bobbie Jean's younger years, Conrad's emotional message unveiled the pain and challenges that plagued their upbringing. "Life wasn't fair to you, that I know. Sometimes, it feels like you didn't have a shot, no matter what," the reality TV star expressed. 

Conrad mentioned the importance of preserving childhood innocence and shielding children from the weight of "trauma, pain, and suffering," especially during their early years.

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The heartfelt tribute took a poignant turn as she delved into their shared experiences of trauma during their formative years, implying an understanding of the factors that contributed to her late siblings' challenging situations. 

"We all need to break down barriers, reduce stigmas, and cultivate a society where seeking mental health support is met with understanding and encouragement. This starts with our children, and creating healthy conversation within the home," Conrad stressed, emphasizing the need for change.

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The emotional plea concluded with a call to action, urging followers to focus on children's mental health and seek support. Closing her tribute with a message of love, the entrepreneur bid farewell to her late sister: "I love you BJ, you're free now.” 

The tear-jerking post received support from the star's followers, who felt her pain. One fan aptly expressed, "So sorry for your loss, Angel. You and Nick are experiencing so much loss in a short time." 

Another stated, "I wish you much peace and light at this moment. My heart is with you," while a third wished her all their "love and condolences." A fourth also noted, "Thinking of you so much Angel!!!!" 

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Bobbie Jean, known as BJ, passed away on December 23 at 41. While the cause of her death remains unknown, her mother, Jane Carter, bravely stepped forward to address the public, revealing the shock and devastation that had befallen their lives once again.

"I am in shock from learning of the sudden death of my daughter, Bobbie Jean; and I will need time to process the terrible reality of this happening for the third time," Jane expressed in a statement that echoed the profound sense of loss the family has endured over the years.

Emphasizing the need for space and time to navigate the complexities of mourning, she pleaded, "When I am able to think clearly, I'll release a fuller statement; but until then, I would request to be left to grieve in private." 

However, amidst her own pain, Jane's thoughts turned to the innocent soul caught in the crossfire of these familial tragedies: Bella, Bobbie Jean's 8-year-old daughter.

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Bobbie Jean Carter's mugshot

The grieving grandmother urged, "So, I would ask the sympathetic to say a prayer for my precious eight-year-old granddaughter Bella, who previously lost her father and is now also left without her mother." 

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Bobbie Jean's Shoplifting Arrest Unveiled Deeper Struggles

Before her death, the late TV personality found herself amid legal turmoil in June after being apprehended for alleged shoplifting at an arts and crafts store in Florida. The incident transpired at a Hobby Lobby in Brooksfield, Florida, where she was reportedly caught attempting to shoplift stickers and craft items amounting to $55.

Police reports, as revealed by Page Six, indicated that the situation escalated when she was escorted into an office by police. Bobbie Jean allegedly "grabbed her purse in panic, removing a powder-blue container and tossing it underneath the LP (loss prevention) desk."

The container, containing 0.8 grams of purple powder and 1.3 grams of white powder, was later confirmed to contain fentanyl through a field test.

Bobbie Jean was placed on a $500 bond for the retail theft charge, with her court appearance scheduled for July 10. Meanwhile, the possession of a controlled substance charge carried a $2,000 bond, with a court date that had been set for July 13.

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