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Khloe Kardashian Wears Nothing Beneath Her Unbuttoned Coat

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By Evie Scott on December 23, 2023 at 4:31 PM EST

Khloe Kardashian turned heads as she put on a very shirtless display while promoting her Good American brand late last year. The Hulu star is fresh from showing off her Always Fits jeans range on Instagram, but her November 2022 photo wasn't about the pants she claims stretch four sizes.

Focusing on getting her fans to shop two rounds of denim in one go, Khloe rocked a denim-on-denim outfit as she went unbuttoned in a long coat, and she's likely richer as a result. Thrilling her fans with a giant cleavage flash, Khloe also ditched the bra for a bare-chested finish, but she did keep safe.

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Denim And Not Much Else

Scroll for the photo. Leaning back against a wall, Khloe gazed into the distance as she flaunted her chest and washboard torso in a stylish, full-denim look.

Opting for a long denim coat with all of the buttons undone, the reality star showed off those famous abs as she also flashed a fair amount of curve, with fans also seeing her in ripped matching jeans. Going mid-rise as she highlighted her toned waistline, Khloe placed one hand to her chest, here drawing attention to her claw-like manicure.

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All glammed up, Khloe rocked a full face of makeup with plenty of blush and glowing highlighter, also making sure to flaunt her plump pout as she sported a bold lip color. In a caption, she wrote: "Denim on Denim… my uniform @goodamerican." Quick to leave a like was mom Kris Jenner.

Khloe dedicates a significant proportion of her Instagram to her 2016-founded brand, one that's now become an empire. There's Good Swim, activewear, evening dresses, and plenty of basics on offer, plus size-inclusive footwear.

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Doesn't Get Jealous

Khloe's brand championed size inclusivity from the start, but the inclusivity space has gotten crowded in recent years.

"People ask me a lot [if I] get irritated that other brands are jumping on—I want to say a bandwagon—but for us, it’s not a bandwagon. For us, it’s who we are. This is the ethos of our brand, but no, I don’t feel irritated. I feel proud and excited. I love that [more] women are being seen, heard, and validated," she revealed to Elle.

Khloe continued that back in the day, "it wasn’t cool, trendy stuff. It felt so limited, and now all these huge brands are venturing into doing wider size ranges, and that’s real life. These are real women, and I think we all should be included in the conversation."

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Stunning Abs In Denim

Khloe's 2023 posts have shown off her merch, but they've likewise showcased the star's weight loss.

Khloe is looking slimmer and fitter than ever, although she strongly denies using weight loss drug Ozempic.

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