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Amanda Bynes Is Done With Podcasts, Reveals What She Wants To Do Instead

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By Favour Adegoke on December 21, 2023 at 9:40 PM EST
Updated on December 21, 2023 at 9:41 PM EST

Former actress Amanda Bynes is completely done with podcasts after just one episode. The 37-year-old confirmed that she's no longer interested in making more episodes of her show and, instead, wants to get a "consistent job" by chasing her "manicurist license."

Bynes' latest statement comes after she assured fans that she would be recording another episode of her show on Friday with a store manager as her guest. Bynes had previously told her fans that she would no longer do the podcast because she couldn't book guests like Drake or Post Malone.

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Amanda Bynes Confirms She's Done With Her Podcast

Amanda Bynes
Instagram | Amanda Bynes

Taking to her Instagram stories, the "She's The Man" star told her followers that she was done with podcasts after releasing only one episode. According to Bynes, she's more interested in having a consistent job and plans to get her" manicurist license."

Bynes wrote, "The 1st episode of my podcast did really well... I was actually surprised and of course, was going to keep going because after friends encouraged me to.."

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Amanda Bynes Says She's Done With Podcasts, Wants A 'Consistent Job' As A 'Manicurist'
Instagram Stories | Amanda Bynes
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"After thinking about it, though, I would rather get my manicurist license and have a consistent job," she added. The former child star concluded, saying, "I'm going to follow that path instead. Thank you for following my journey."

It is unclear what caused Bynes to lose interest in her podcast, but she seemed undecided on it for the past few days, as she made varying statements regarding the show.

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Amanda Bynes Previously Went On A 1-Day Hiatus

Amanda Bynes attend 17 Again Premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Los Angeles - Arrivals Los Angeles, California - 14.04.09

On December 18, Bynes announced that she was "taking a pause" on the podcast due to the lack of high-profile guests like "Drake and Post-Malone." She noted that she would return once she's able to book such celebrities.

Shortly after announcing her podcast hiatus, Bynes made another statement, doing a complete 180 and telling her fans that the show would continue, with plans to record a new episode this Friday.

She said at the time, "So I talked to a few friends, and they all said to keep going. So, we are going to continue the podcast, and we are filming next Friday as planned. I think that podcasts just take time to grow like to build a following."

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The former actress also announced that her next guest would be a store manager named Nick Mendes, who runs the Flight Club store in L.A. The actress sounded quite enthusiastic about recording the second episode of her podcast at the time. With her latest updates, fans will likely not be getting a second episode from Bynes.

Amanda Bynes Discussed Face Tattoos On Her Podcast

Amanda Bynes’ Conservatorship Officially Extended Through The Year 2023
Instagram | Amanda Bynes

The only episode of the actress' podcast broached the topic of face tattoos. Bynes, who has a notable heart-shaped ink on her face, stated that having tattoos at such a location was no longer a big deal, and nobody cared about them.

"Nobody cares anymore if people have face tattoos. It shouldn't matter," Bynes shared at the time.

L.A.-based tattoo artist Dahlia Moth and her co-host, Paul Sieminski, joined her on the show. The trio also took a photo together, which Bynes posted on her Instagram.

Bynes notably did not talk about herself on the podcast and later confirmed to TMZ that discussions about her mental health were off-limits.

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She Was Placed On Two Psychiatric Holds

Amanda Bynes

Fans were excited to see Bynes make a comeback, especially after her incredibly chaotic year, which saw her get placed on two 5150 holds.

The "What A Girl Wants" actress raised concerns in March for a puzzling and concerning incident where she was seen wandering the streets in the buff and even hitchhiking from Hollywood to Beverly Hills.

At the time, it was claimed that she must have been on the street for several days before she was found naked and was subsequently placed on a psychiatric hold.

"Amanda has left the medical facility on her own recognizance," an insider told the Daily Mail after her treatment at a mental facility. "She was very cooperative and participated in her recovery; the staff supported her decision to leave as she had successfully completed the treatment program."

A few months after she left the facility, another incident happened in June when she called the cops on herself again. She was swiftly taken to a nearby station where she was considered "a danger to herself and others." Bynes was then placed back on 5150 psychiatric hold, which was extended at her family's request.

After these two events, Bynes seems to be on the mend and has had no issues ever since. We wish her the best as she chases her manicurist license.

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