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Sommer Ray All Smiles As Miniskirt Flies Up In Mexico

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By Evie Scott on December 20, 2023 at 4:30 AM EST

Sommer Ray was all smiles just as her miniskirt was flying up last month, and she had zero problem sharing the photo on Instagram. Teasing her army of followers with a cheeky view, the Colorado-born model and social media star showed off her toned figure while partying it up, also revealing that she was in Mexico. Soaking up the sun South of the Border, Sommer hit the DJ decks at an event inviting her, also making sure to pack her post full of sun-soaked and figure-flaunting snaps. Sommer has now gained over 490,000 likes for the post, one marking her presence in celebrity-adored Cabo San Lucas.

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Bikini With Skirt Flying Up

Thrilling her 25 million followers as she highlighted her gym-honed rear, Sommer opened her gallery behind the decks and outfitted for a beach-come-party vibe.

Posing under tiki-style ceilings at an outdoor shack, Sommer rocked a skimpy orange-and-black bikini in printed fabrics. Opting for string ties at the back, the IAMRAIS beauty founder drew attention to her toned upper half, but with that booty flash, fans were likely also noticing that Sommer's flimsy orange miniskirt was flying right up.

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Throwing her head around to face the camera as she both smiled and laughed, Sommer nailed her opening slide, and there was more to come. Sommer shared a sign with her name, also posting a shot of the impressive-looking resort she was staying at. The beachfront property came complete with an outdoor pool and tons of lounger space, but it was back to Sommer and her decks in the next photo.

Ray also posed for a bikini-clad selfie video with gal pals, and she made sure to include the alcohol being served at the event. "Just living my best life with my besties," the Instagram favorite wrote. "This outfit girl. Congratulations on your hard work with the music!" a fan quickly replied.

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Lowering Her Bathrobe For Business

Not long before her Mexico share, Sommer updated her IG in promo mode for her IAMRAIS Beauty brand. Posing near a window and with a bathrobe that was working its way off her, Sommer held up her edible beauty gummies, writing:

"New @imaraisbeauty packaging. I loved the old bottle design but the pouches are even better.. easier to bring w you & keep in your bag, bathroom, car anywhere!! Depuff & clarity coming soon."

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Edible Beauty From Bikini Bombshell

For Sommer, what you put into your body is more important than any lotion you might lather onto it.

"We just wanted to create a “better gummy” – better tasting, better results and better for your body. We are plant-based and vegan, and we’re cruelty-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, carrageenan-free, and GMO-free! Most other gummies on the market are not," the model told Mogul of her brand. Sommer runs her beauty brand alongside her OG one, Sommer Ray's Shop.

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