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Former Pastor Nikole Mitchell In Festive Lingerie Is Ready For Christmas

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By Kristin Myers on December 21, 2023 at 8:00 AM EST

Former pastor Nikole Mitchell is ready for Christmas!

The former pastor turned OnlyFans model is also a lifestyle coach who helps her followers learn how to lead their best lives through OnlyFans seminars. She is certainly cooking up something special for the holiday season, with a new 12 days of X-Mas special!

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Former Pastor Nikole Mitchell Teases '12 Days of X(XX)mas'

Posing in green lingerie with a Christmas tree in the background, Nikole looked like she was definitely ready for the holiday season.

Fans who swipe to the right are treated to a photo of Nikole posing in red lingerie as she holds up at advent calendar beside her.

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“I  look a little teary in this photo but I promise I’m not!!! But I AM excited to announce that 12 Days of X(XX)mas is happening on my 0F!!!” she wrote in the caption.

“Today is Day 1! If you’ve been wanting to check out my world, now is a GREAT time to join. You know where to find the ?!”

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Nikole Mitchell Is Definitely Ready For Christmas!

In another recent Instagram post, the social media sensation put her fit figure on display in a red lingerie set as she posed next to the Christmas tree. She has one hand planted on her upper thigh, showing off her red manicure. Her other hand is placed by her face as she smiles at the camera.

In the caption, she asked her followers about what their plans were for the holiday season. “I need to know… Do you put your tree up early? Or wait til the last minute?”

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“It’s only because of my Christmas-loving daughter that our tree has been up since early November! Otherwise, I’d probably be putting it up this weekend.  What about you?” she asked.

Unfortunately, fans didn’t seem to want to answer her question. “Fantastic Christmas present in a very sexy red dress,” one fan commented. “Christmas has come early,” another follower wrote. “Imagine waking up and finding you on my Christmas. It would be the perfect Christmas,” a third fan chimed in.

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Fans Want To Know Where Nikole Lands ‘On The Spectrum’

In another recent Instagram post, Nikole stretched out on her stomach in a white lingerie set, crossing her bare feet up in the air behind her. Fans who swipe to the right can see an ad for her “When to have s*x” seggs ed class on her OnlyFans page.

“I’m waiting for you… With my background as a pastor and a current career of adult work, I often get asked when’s the right time to have seggs. People are fascinated to find where I land on the spectrum,” she wrote in the caption. “Save it for marriage? Wait til you’re engaged? After a few dates? On the first night?”

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“As someone who’s played all along that spectrum, I’ve learned a thing or two. And I wish I had known as a kid what I know now!” she continued. “It would have made SUCH a difference in my love life, in the quality of my life, and probably would have prevented my divorce.”

“That’s how important this question is. And I am so excited to dive into it tomorrow (Friday) during my monthly Seggs Ed livestream. Join me at 10:00 am on my 0F where I’ll be answering this question, sharing my journey, and what I wish I had known!” she added as fans gushed over her steamy snap. One fan called her “my only one” while another follower wrote “Just too much hotness.”

Fans Just Can't Get Enough Of Nikole Mitchell!

In another Instagram post, Nikole looked “cozy and cute” in a white jacket as she posed for the camera. Although she asked her followers to share which photo was their favorite, a lot of followers couldn’t decide as they showered her post with compliments of "stunning" and "beautiful."

Interested in more Nikole Mitchell content? In another recent Instagram post, she released her "magic" in another stunning lingerie set! Fans can check out those sultry snaps by clicking here!

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