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Kanye West Goes Off On Another Anti-Semitic Rant: 'Jesus Christ, Hitler, Ye!'

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By Favour Adegoke on December 15, 2023 at 1:27 PM EST

Rapper Kanye West is at the center of more controversy following the release of a 10-minute video showing the rapper making several anti-Semitic remarks while name-dropping some of his peers in the entertainment industry.

No one seemed to be spared from West's tirade as he blasted several of his business associates, including Balenciaga's creative director, Demna. This comes amid a delay in the release of his new album, "Vultures."

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Kanye West's Wild Anti-Semitic Rant

Kanye West is seen in Milan for fashion week

West is back to making anti-semitic comments. In a very heated video showing the rapper addressing a crowd in Las Vegas, he made several claims while referencing the backlash he faced last year when he lost major deals, including his contract with Adidas, which saw him lose his billionaire status.

In the clip shared online, West makes several claims, slamming people for not standing up for him after he made anti-Semitic comments.

"A lot of people had s--- to say about my Jewish comments, but ain't nobody in the motherf----- room and none of y'all entertainment n----- ever said nothing when I was praying to see my kids." The rapper said he called Tory Lanez to pray about seeing his children.

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His tirade included pointed accusations at Trump, saying the presidential hopeful won't get his support unless he gets rid of certain people, and verbal attacks on Demna, Drake, Jay-Z, and Adidas. He also made mention of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, their divorce and custody battle. West stated that a lawyer told him that he wouldn't get to see his kids if he didn't stop making "anti-Semitic comments."

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"Who makes the hospitals, though, these are zionists n----. This is what I'm trying to tell you. Jesus Christ, Hitler, Ye! Third-party sponsor that. Bring your sponsorship today because there's gonna be some n---- that feel exactly like me," the rapper yelled.

West continued, attacking big fashion names, "The head of Louis Vuitton, Bernard Arnault, f--- you. Alexander Arnault, f--- you... Demna f---- you, f--- Balenciaga. F--- Cedric from Balenciaga. F--- GAP and F--- Adidas n---."

At some point in the video, West yelled at the crowd to "shut the f---- up," claiming he was by himself. When a person from the crowd confronted him that he was "not God," the rapper threatened to have them thrown out of the room.

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The Rapper Slammed His Fans For Letting Adidas Drop Him

Kanye seen leaving e.baldi restaurant all smiles after dining with friends

West's wild rant included him making claims about "rich n----" taking their kids to "zionist schools" and how his firstborn child, North West, tore up couches to be allowed to be with him for his album launch event.

"All y'all rich n---- got your kids in that zionist school. F--- Sierra Canyon. My daughter ripped up the motherf---- couches in the house to be able to be here with me right now," the rapper said.

He continued, "So I'm saying witness this s---, visit this s---. But I don't believe, nobody but me N----. Y'all ain't gotta say 'we are with you.' It's me and God. and I'm still alive."

He moved on to accusing his fans of not stopping Adidas from dropping him from his contract. "Y'all ain't stop the Adidas s---. Y'all n---- let Adidas crash the richest n---- of all time. I put up one tweet, and Ari Emmanuel put 'Oh, we gotta drop this n----,' and all n---- just watched. The only n---- that had the Trump hat. The only n---- that went and got them billions. The only n---- that's breaking through all kinds of ideas in fashion."

Other parts of his rant included West comparing the pilgrims and Jews, claiming that they are the same person as they "dress the same."

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