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Tori Spelling Expresses Nervousness As Son Liam Goes In For Surgery

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By Afouda Bamidele on December 14, 2023 at 6:15 AM EST

Tori Spelling has given fans a glimpse into the latest challenge facing her family.

The actress and author revealed that her eldest child, Liam Aaron McDermott, had to undergo foot surgery, causing both her and her 16-year-old to feel a bit uneasy. The procedure comes almost 11 months after her daughter, Stella Doreen McDermott, experienced a "really scary" hospital visit.

She shares Liam and Stella along with Hattie Margaret, Finn Davey, and Beau Dean, with her now ex-husband Dean McDermott.

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Tori Spelling Is Sticking By Her Son's Side Amid His Unfolding Foot Surgery

On Thursday, Spelling shared a singular shot of her baby boy, Liam, lying on a hospital bed with a white sheet covering him. The teen's face had a stoic and straight expression as he looked away from the camera with an IV infusion poked into his arm.

His doting mother reflected on how the moment made them feel in the accompanying captions. The former "Beverly Hills, 90210" star typed in one text box across the image: "My 1st baby waiting to go into foot surgery. Not sure who's more nervous him or mama."

Continuing at the bottom of the Instagram Story picture, she penned a sweet message to her boy, writing, "Proud of your bravery. And things can only get better after this." 

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While Spelling neglected to specify the reason for his surgery, Liam, who refers to himself as a drummer and fashion designer, was notably absent from the family's December 1 outing to the 2023 Jingle Ball concert in Los Angeles.

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Tori Spelling Expresses Nervousness As Son Liam Goes In For Surgery
Instagram Stories | Tori Spelling
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The procedure also notably comes several months after his immediate younger sister faced her health issues. In January, Spelling appeared on SiriusXM's "Jeff Lewis Live," where she provided an update on Stella, who was briefly hospitalized, mentioning that she was "not great."

According to PEOPLE, the mother-of-five had shared at the time, "She went to the ER, now twice, and was diagnosed with a hemiplegic migraine. One side of you goes numb, it almost kind of mimics what a stroke would be."

In her baby girl's case, "Her left arm went completely numb, she couldn't lift it. Then half of her throat, then her mouth — so it looked like she had had a stroke."

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Spelling recounted having Stella rushed to the emergency room, where "by the time we got there, she was starting to [get feeling back], like she was coming back, but it was really scary." 

"I thought, 'She's 14, how does a 14-year-old have a stroke?'," the 50-year-old said. She soon got her answer when she learned that the migraine is genetic. Spelling disclosed that the condition she was unaware of runs in her ex-husband's family. 

Luckily, Stella's health improved, prompting the family to seek further insights into the condition. Spelling mentioned, "They were able to break it each time, but she's going to see a neurologist at Children's Hospital L.A."

Spelling Had To Deal With Health, Marital, & Living Challenges This Year

Tori Spelling, Candy Spelling and Josh Flagg at Craig's for Diner

The host of "Love at First Lie" also faced a health scare in August, during which she spent four days in the hospital for an ailment linked to a "mold issue" at her Los Angeles rental home. Speaking on the situation, one insider disclosed:

"Tori is frustrated she's still dealing with getting sick. She thought moving out [of the house] would be the solution, but these issues obviously linger for much longer."

Fans would remember that before Spelling and her kids left their mold-infested residence, the "Spelling It Like It Is" author had mentioned how the condition had adversely impacted her family's health. In a May Instagram post, she detailed:

"Here we are again at Urgent Care. We've all been on this continual spiral of sickness for months. Sick. Get better. To get sick again."

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She expressed her concern, stating that she realized something was amiss and needed to "reassess what was going on" when her children's frequent ill-health kept them from attending school as they should, particularly given their age.

Additionally, another source emphasized that the health ordeal was just one of several challenges Spelling has faced recently, including living conditions, financial issues, and marital turmoil. 

Despite all the problems, the informant highlighted that Spelling has remained resilient, assuring she will overcome it.

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