Kanye West Allegedly 'Convinced' Wife Bianca Censori 'That They Are Royal' & 'Instructs' Her To 'Never Speak'

Kanye West's Wife's Parents Found Him 'Slightly Disturbing' For This Stunning Reason

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By Favour Adegoke on December 11, 2023 at 1:10 PM EST

Bianca Censori's parents are reportedly not too pleased with Kanye West marrying their daughter so soon after wrapping up his divorce from Kim Kardashian.

Censori's parents reportedly "found it suspect" and were worried that Bianca might just be a rebound for the rapper.

In the meantime, West is scheduled to drop a new project with Ty Dolla $ign later this month. He was also recently spotted attending an art fair with his wife.

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Bianca Censori's Mother & Father Found Kanye West 'Slightly Disturbing'

Kanye West Has Allegedly Met His Wife Bianca Censori's Parents During Tokyo Vacation
Instagram | Angelina Censori

According to one report, Censori's parents, Leo and Alexandra, aren't totally comfortable with their daughter's relationship with West.

The Donda rapper and the Australian architect reportedly started a relationship while he was trying to finalize his divorce from his ex-wife Kardashian. A month after the divorce was legally finalized, West and Censori got married, as confirmed by recent documents obtained by the DailyMail.

It is understood that Censori's mother and father find West "to be slightly disturbing," and it didn't help that the rapper quickly tied the knot with their daughter after the end of his six-year marriage to Kardashian.

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"[Censori] parents found it suspect that he married Bianca one month after his divorce from Kim was finalized. They really didn't want [her] to be his rebound from such a high-profile marriage," a source said about the situation.

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Bianca Censori's Parents Are Worried That Kanye West's Past Anti-Semitic Scandal Might Endanger Her

Kanye West with wife Bianca Censori

West's anti-semitic antics in the past have also raised concerns for Censori's parents. One particular incident involved the rapper making a post where he said he wanted to go "death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE."

As expected, West received quite the backlash for his post at the time, including losing some of the deals he had with big industry names like Gap and Balenciaga and seeing his account with JPMorgan Chase Bank closed down. The rapper eventually lost his partnership with shoe giant Adidas, after making more anti-Semitic statements.

He also inadvertently made some enemies due to the remarks, which Censori's parents feel might lead to the endangering of their daughter as she is often seen "jetting all over the world with him."

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Despite the possibility of danger, Censori's parents seem willing to compromise, as they know that West puts Bianca's "safety before anything else." and that their daughter does "love this man."

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The Couple Allegedly Took A Break From Each Other

Kanye West heads church wearing an American flag jacket

How Censori's parents feel about West was also further confirmed by sources close to the Australian architect amid reports that she and the rapper were taking a break.

"Her family has never been a fan of Ye, and those close to her have questioned whether marrying him was the right decision," an insider said.

The source added West is spending the time away from Censori to focus on his music, particularly his upcoming album with Ty Dollar $ign set to debut later this month. They also predicted that a reconciliation may occur during the album launch.

"She may go back to him for the album launch. She loves the lifestyle, but I think it's clear her family and friends would rather she didn't," the insider commented at the time, adding that West doesn't seem worried about it.

Bianca Censori & Kanye West Were Recently Spotted At An Art Basel

If a separation did happen, it appears that West and Censori might have sorted out their problems as they were recently spotted attending an art fair in Miami.

For the event, Censpori opted for a sheer nude bodysuit, reminiscent of the type she wore on the streets of Italy back in September. The racy dressing also came with a plunging neckline that showed a lot of skin and exposed a large section of her upper back.

She completed her ensemble with a quirky touch—a furry hat perched on her head and a white teddy bear, which she cradled in her arms. Censori also wore a pair of heels as part of her outfit, adding to her 5 feet, 4 inches of height.

However, West chose a more modest dress, donning an all-white outfit. He shielded his face with a matching mask, leaving only his eyes visible.

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