Eagles Head Security Guard Not Allowed On NFL Field After Recent Ejection

Eagles Head Security Guard Not Allowed On NFL Field After Recent Ejection

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on December 9, 2023 at 12:30 PM EST

Eagles’ Head of Security Dom DiSandro, who was ejected from the game last week, is not allowed to be on the sideline for the upcoming "Sunday Night Football"game.

A brawl in the San Francisco 49ers vs Philadelphia Eagles game last week led to a double ejection — one of the ejections included the head security guard for the Eagles. It all began after Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts completed a pass to wide receiver DeVonta Smith for a first down. Smith was tackled by 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw.

At the end of the play, Greenlaw “body slammed” the Eagles into the ground, per the announcers, which led to a scrum on Philly’s sideline. Greenlaw then got into a shoving match with a man in a black jacket, who was later identified as the Eagles’ chief of security, Dom DiSandro.

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DiSandro and Greenlaw were both ejected from the game.

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Dom DiSandro Is Banned From Eagles Sideline

Head Security Kicked Off NFL Field During Double Ejection: 49ers - Eagles

Ahead of the upcoming "Sunday Night Football" game, the NFL has announced that Eagles’ Head of Security Dom DiSandro is not allowed to be on Philadelphia’s sideline for Sunday night’s game vs. the Cowboys for his part in last Sunday’s sideline brawl with 49ers’ LB Dre Greenlaw.

According to NFL reporter Adam Schefter, DiSandro and other Eagles officials met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Friday morning at the league office in New York.

DiSandro is allowed to go to Dallas with the Eagles, and is allowed to perform all his regular duties, but is not allowed to be on the team’s sideline during the game.

The league still is reviewing additional material to see if further discipline is warranted.

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Dre Greenlaw, the 49ers linebacker who was also involved in the altercation, is expected to be fined today for the hit that led to the brawl.

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Fans React To Double Ejection During Eagles vs 49ers Game


Many NFL fans took to social media to voice their frustrations with the double ejection last week.

One user bashed the Eagles by saying, “The Eagles just make themselves the most unlikable team possible every single week. In what world should anyone on your sidelines that’s not a player be allowed to start a confrontation leading to an ejection of an opposing player. What a joke.”

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And another expressed, “Also, how can someone on the eagles sidelines get ejected. But no penalty flag is thrown? Yet the 49ers get an ejection and 15 yards?”

“Dre Greenlaw getting ejected is the worst call in sports history. The bias is unbelievable,” that same user added in a different post.

Going into the 49ers vs Eagles game, many NFL fans expected drama to unfold, but they never pictured a brawl breaking out before the game plus a double ejection.


This news comes weeks after Baltimore Ravens player Kyle Hamilton was ejected following a brutal helmet-to-helmet play, leaving wide receiver Chris Moore wobbling to get up. The scary incident left NFL fans everywhere worried about the Tennessee Titans player, as he was visibly injured and taken to the locker room for further evaluation.

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