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Angel Carter Talks 'Constant Trauma' Of Childhood On Aaron Carter's Posthumous Birthday

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By Afouda Bamidele on December 7, 2023 at 1:45 PM EST

Angel Carter dropped a touching tribute to celebrate the posthumous birthday of her twin brother, Aaron Carter, who passed away a year ago, while also spreading awareness on mental health.

Angel had earlier blamed her brother's battles with drugs on their father's unexpected death and difficult childhood with pleas for more investigation into some shady events that unfolded right before his painful passing.

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Aaron Carter's Sister Reminisces On Childhood Struggles

The 35-year-old celebrated her heavenly twin's birthday in the most emotional way possible by giving context to his battles with substance abuse. She uploaded a childhood picture of Aaron wearing a delighted smile, accompanied by the caption:

"Remember this boy on his birthday today. He was an energetic, vivacious, happy and loving child who deserved to be living life to the fullest. We grew up under unique circumstances that were surrounded by dysfunction and constant trauma. Sadly, it was a cycle that was repeated amongst generations."

Angel acknowledged the sterling efforts of "On Our Sleeves," a children's mental health organization, adding that there must be education for a change to happen.

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"1 in 5 children is living with a mental illness, and 50% of lifetime mental illness presents before the age of 14. We all can feel that there is a youth mental health crisis, and we all know someone who has been impacted. Yet stigma remains." continued the mental health enthusiast.

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She concluded the tribute by stating that Aaron is watching over the family and will continue to inspire their efforts towards helping kids with mental health issues, adding that:

"You can contribute by dedicating your time to research, fostering education, and cultivating wholesome discussions within your home. Happy Birthday to my twin. I will always love you. ??.”

Fans and well-wishers flocked to her Instagram comment section to show sympathy, encourage Angel, and wish Aaron a happy heavenly birthday. Kate Steinberg also wished Angel and Aaron a happy birthday in the comments.

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One person did not forget to remind Angel that Aaron is indeed by her side as they wrote, "Happy birthday to you two, I am sure that Aaron is present at your side every moment of your life and is very proud of what his sister is doing to help people and break the cycle."

Earlier in the year, Angel organized a funeral service to honor the musician's birthday and brought his ashes home. She explained that the decision came out of the need to protect Aaron, noting that:

"To lose a twin, it's an out-of-body experience. He's a part of me. And it was like when he died, I had this sense of, 'I've got to get him in my house. I've got to bring him home and protect him."

The Blast confirmed her plans to bury his ashes after the July 28 memorial service at the Forest Lawn, adding that she could not trust anyone not to exploit her brother. Angel also shared that their father's death, caused by a heart attack, made Aaron go into a downward spiral with drugs and alcohol.

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Despite going into a rehab, where he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder, the "Leave It Up To Me" singer's condition did not improve, as he even streamed videos of him doing drugs online.

Aaron is not the only sibling Angel has lost to drug abuse; her sister, Leslie, also lost her life to a drug overdose. Angel shared that their "childhood was filled with emotional abuse, dysfunction, and addiction, leading her to partner with On Our Sleeves.

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The 'I Want Candy' Star's Son Filed A Wrongful Death Lawsuit 

The Carter family suspects foul play in Aaron's passing and has since filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of his two-year-old son, Princeton Lyric Carter.

In the lawsuit, Princeton alleges that medical professionals and pharmacies prescribed and dispensed harmful medications that altered Aaron's mental health and judgment; hence, they should bear responsibility for his passing.

The Blast shared that in the filing, Aaron's doctors were accused of prescribing mind-altering drugs like Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, and Alprazolam, adding to his woes. On his death, which happened due to drowning as a result of inhaling compressed difluoroethane and ingesting Xanax, his mom and his partner suspected foul play.

They charged security operatives to investigate a possible drug deal on the night of his death that might have led to an overdose as they allegedly discovered a text message from someone demanding $800 for an undisclosed substance.

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