'RHONJ' Star Jennifer Fessler Reveals How Ozempic Use Landed Her In The ER

'RHONJ' Star Jennifer Fessler Reveals How Ozempic Use Landed Her In The ER

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By Afouda Bamidele on December 5, 2023 at 9:45 AM EST

Jennifer Fessler is fearlessly opening up about her weight loss journey with Ozempic, sharing a candid account of an unexpected trip to the emergency room.

During a candid conversation with Jackie Goldschneider, the "Real Housewives Of New Jersey" star dived into the highs and lows of her experience with the celebrity-loved weight loss drug.

While it was initially developed for type 2 diabetes treatment, Ozempic has received approval as a weight loss aid, and Fessler is not the first reality TV star to allude to using it.

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Jennifer Fessler Shares Side Effects Of Ozempic Use

Despite being a self-proclaimed hypochondriac, the 55-year-old detailed her year-long journey on semaglutide — the active ingredient in Ozempic — leading to a significant weight loss of approximately 22 pounds. 

She then confronted the discomforting side effects of the diabetic medicine, revealing a visit to the hospital due to an impacted bowel—a challenging situation she faced head-on.

Addressing the drug's side effects with Goldschneider, Fessler disclosed her battle with constipation, a common issue associated with Ozempic, which she initially chose to ignore.

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In a humorous twist, the reality TV star admitted to ignoring the signs during the latest episode of her "Two Jersey Js" podcast, highlighting her ability to indulge in less healthy food choices while still shedding pounds. The socialite confessed:

"Having said that, I noticed there was constipation, I didn't do anything about it. I wasn't taking Miralax, that you take every morning, or any kind of stool softener. I hadn't gone in a week, then it was a week and a half."

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Pausing mid-story, Fessler took responsibility, acknowledging her role in ignoring warning signs before pointing out, "I haven't had a problem since." 

While "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" star openly discussed her choice to use the weight loss drug, Goldschneider expressed strong disapproval, citing concerns about the medication's prevalence among more than half of the show's cast. 

The 47-year-old emphatically noted, "I am an outspoken advocate for eating disorder recovery and a very strong opponent of semaglutides for losing those last 10 pounds." She also clarified that they had never discussed this topic due to her friendship with Fessler.

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However, Goldschneider highlighted another side effect, "muscle loss," prompting Fessler to admit to experiencing it. Concerned about her physical well-being, she disclosed starting regular doctor visits to monitor her muscle health. 

Amidst the challenges, the entrepreneur shared, "Physically, I feel a lot better in clothes. When I'm not in clothes I look 90 because I have gone up and down my more than 20 pounds in my life … so there is a lot of skin that exists now when you lose muscle and fat."

The TV personality also took responsibility for her body's changes and emphasized the importance of active muscle-building efforts, which is why she hired a personal trainer. 

Kyle Richards Firmly Denied Ozempic Use Amidst Persistent Rumors

Kyle Richards at the 2022 MTV Movie

Even though the drug had reportedly gained popularity among Bravo personalities like Dolores Catania, Jennifer Fessler, and Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi, Richards adamantly denied ever trying it.

The actress has been vocal about her concerns regarding the controversial drug, emphasizing her decision to distance herself from misleading claims. She proudly attributed her toned physique to a holistic lifestyle transformation rather than pharmaceutical intervention. 

In an interview with Page Six, the mother-of-four clarified, "I can say that I have never tried it, and I have never taken it. I'm not on any weight loss drug. If you know me, you know I have terrible anxiety, which would scare me to death. I have never, ever taken it." 

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Richards also credited her physical transformation to rigorous workout sessions with trainer Cory Gregory, who is known for working with A-listers like country singer Morgan Wade. 

Fed up with the persistent rumors, the "Time Express" guest star took to Instagram with a message captioned, "This explains a lot #trolls," to address her accusers. The statement which acknowledged the challenge of changing perspectives read:

"This happens due to 'motivated reasoning,' a psychology term that refers to the way people usually believe whatever they want to believe and use the flimsiest piece of evidence to justify that belief, even when there is plenty of verified evidence to disprove it."

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