'Sister Wives' Meri Brown Links Broken Marriage To Ring Situation With Kody

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By Afouda Bamidele on December 4, 2023 at 6:45 AM EST

Meri Brown is digging deep into what led to the breakdown of her marriage to Kody Brown, and her fingers are pointing straight to a ring situation that happened a few years back.

The mother-of-one, who was hopeful for a reconciliation after Kody broke things off, has called out the father-of-18 for being inconsistent and refusing to take responsibility for their current situation.

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Meri Brown Could Not Get Past Kody Brown Getting Rid Of Their Wedding Ring

In the latest episode of the show's "One-on-One" special with Sukanya Krishnan, Meri Brown had no choice but to reveal how much Kody's decision to melt their wedding ring affected her.

The 52-year-old, visibly upset that Christine Brown chose to tell the story without her consent, stated that Kody no longer wanted her to have a claim on him, hence the ring melting.

Before Meri got on, Christine shared Meri's reaction to Kody's new ring after he removed the family's Claddagh ring that he wore alongside all of his wives. The 51-year-old explained to Krishnan that there was a backstory to Meri's reaction as they always had a wedding ring.

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However, as Kody prepared to welcome Robyn Brown into the family, he melted down the ring and kept the gold and the diamonds. The mom of five walked the host through Meri's reaction at that time, saying:

"Well, Meri found out, she's like, 'Well, where's my ring? You don't wear it anymore. He's like, 'Oh, I melted it down,' just like that."

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Christine added that Kody's "hurtful" decision led them (all the wives) to ditch the family's Claddagh rings together.

In another part of the interview, Meri admitted her frustration about Christine spilling the tea even in a carefree manner. "She can laugh about it all she wants, but it was not her business to tell. If I wanted to have shared that story in the last 13 years in a public way, I would have done that," added Meri.

Nevertheless, she clarified the ring-melting situation, stating that it was harrowing for her to deal with, and added, "Who's to say that he didn't just melt down our whole relationship in that moment? Symbolically, that's what he did to me."

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Meri continued that Kody pulled the move seven years before her catfishing scandal in 2015, which she claims happened due to a lack of friends around her. Kody eventually broke his nuptial ties with Meri in 2022 after spending over three decades together and welcoming three other sister wives.

In the last episode, Meri also announced her plans to leave Kody and focus on her bed and breakfast business in Utah as she explained that Kody's inconsistencies were unbearable. Meri added that he has refused to own his fault in the breakdown of their marriage publicly despite expressing his lack of interest in her privately.

Last month, The Blast shared that Kody told Meri he had no plans to iron things out between them. The patriarch refused to give her an equal share of the family's Coyote Pass property as he did with the rest of the wives.

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The father of 18 also seemed relief by the dissolution of their union and revealed in his confessional that "it was a negotiation that was long overdue," adding, "I mean, it's been maybe a wasted seven years for Meri, I have no idea. But we've agreed now, and I hope she finds peace because I will."

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Meri Wished Things Were A Bit Different Between Herself And Kody

Meri certainly did not envisage a bitter end for the union as she showed readiness for a possible reconciliation despite Kody's unwillingness to go further, a decision she wished the 54-year-old had expressed earlier.

"He should have told me because I'm still sitting here holding onto the idea that maybe you might get your head out of your butt," lamented Meri in the previous episode of the "One-on-One Special."

She revealed that she fell short of Kody's expectations in the marriage, as he would ask her to do things and be a certain way or to fix a particular situation, but it was never good enough.

However, The Blast shared that Meri's moment of clarity finally came during an unpleasant anniversary dinner in an October episode with Kody who told her he had no desire to have a relationship.

The 52-year-old disclosed that Kody's harsh words that night woke her up to "take the steps to move forward to be done with" their marriage.

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