Astroworld Victim's Brother In-Law Speaks About Death, Demands Answers

Rapper Travis Scott Owes Over $100K In Back Taxes

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By Afouda Bamidele on November 29, 2023 at 4:45 PM EST

Travis Scott is being accused of failing to pay his taxes in the State of California, and the Government is coming for their money.

According to legal documents, obtained by The Blast, the Texas native was just hit with a lien of over $100,000. 

The rapper, who is currently on his Utopia tour, has been embroiled in legal battles following the tragedy that occurred at his 2021 Astroworld Festival that resulted in the death of ten people and many injuries.

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Travis Scott Hit With Massive Six-Figure Tax Lien

Travis Scott arrives at Nobu London

Scott was hit with a tax lien from the state's Franchise Tax Board for owing taxes in the amount of $106,968.18 for the year 2021. For the rapper, who has a net worth of about $80 million, the tax lien isn't a lot to pay up. But, the Government is gunning for their cash.

As expected, if the "goosebumps" rapper doesn't pay up, the Tax Board warns that further interest and fees will continue to accrue until the lien is fully paid off. The tax lien comes just weeks after Scott was slammed with another lawsuit in relation to his infamous music festival.

In the filing, obtained by The Blast, Scott and Live Nation were accused of "negligence and willful misconduct" by a company named Ceremony of Roses (CoR) who sued after they lost a substantial investment in the festival.

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CoR alleges they partnered with the Grammy nominee and Live Nation to provide attendees with other attractions.

The attractions which included "carnival-style games and amusements on the Festival grounds," were supposed to enhance the fan experience, increase ticket sales, and encourage concertgoers to stay on the premises and continue spending money.

CoR signed an agreement with Scott and Live Nation placing the company in charge of financing, setting up, operating, and dismantling the amusements, with the right to recover its out-of-pocket costs and 50% of all revenues thereafter.

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Given Live Nation's track record, CoR claimed that had a reasonable expectation that the concert would be conducted in a top-notch, safe, and secure environment with professional business practices, making it easy for them to recoup their costs and earn revenue.

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Travis Scott DROPPED From Coachella After Astroworld Tragedy?!
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The plaintiff also had faith in Scott, believing that as he was part of the show, he would ensure safety and professionalism while drawing a large crowd of fans who would stay on the premises and spend money on various forms of entertainment, including amusements.

However, the reverse was the case and as a result, CoR was prevented from recouping its out-of-pocket expenses and lost out entirely on its reasonably certain profits.

The company alleges that they invested a minimum of $700,000 in out-of-pocket expenses for the setup and operation of the amusements at the Festival.

Travis Scott Called Dead Fans From Astroworld Tragedy His 'Family'

While the ex-boyfriend of socialite Kylie Jenner continues to deal with the legal ramifications of the infamous concert, Scott claims he has also had to suffer emotionally.

In an interview with GQ, Scott expressed regret over the sad occurrence, calling the tragedy "devastating" and revealing that dealing with the loss of life sometimes gets "rough" for him.

"I always think about it. Those fans were like my family. You know, I love my fans to the utmost. I was just overly devastated."

He continued, "It has its moments where it gets rough. You just feel for those people. And their families." Despite the immense backlash the "Sicko Mode" rapper faced for the infamous festival, he didn't face any criminal charges.

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Travis Scott DROPPED From Coachella After Astroworld Tragedy?!

A Texas grand jury issued no criminal charges in connection to the case back in June, saying there was not much evidence to support such charges.

He, however, was buried deep in lawsuits, alongside Live Nation, Epic Records, Harris County Sports & Convention Corporation, Drake, and several other businesses and event organizers.

In August, Scott settled with one of the families that filed a lawsuit over the death of their 14-year-old son John Hilgert. The rapper and the event organizers, including Live Nation, agreed to provide an undisclosed amount of compensation.

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