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Lamp Post Falling On Disneyland Guest Leads To Changes At Park

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on November 27, 2023 at 9:00 PM EST

Disneyland in Anaheim, California is making changes to its theme parks after a lamp post fell over during operating hours, leaving three injured.

The California theme parks are beginning to remove lamp posts and lighting structures from Disneyland Park -- seemingly as a safety precaution following the unexpected incident that occurred earlier this month. Significant winds have been named as the cause of the unfortunate event.

Disneyland has not only removed a light post -- similar to the one that fell and left three injured -- from the park entirely but has also stripped other lights from other posts throughout the theme park.

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Disneyland Seemingly Addresses Lamp Post Incident

Woman dies at Disneyland

A stage lighting lamp post fell in the town square of Disneyland Park, one of the two theme parks located in Disneyland (Anaheim, CA) injuring three park-goers. Reports have stated that the lamp post was rusted through, and significant winds were the cause of the fall. (Gusts up to 90 miles per hour were reported near Los Angeles at the time.)

After the incident, Disney removed a similar light post from the theme park.

At the time of the incident, Deadline reported that one of the injured guests was taken to a hospital in the area to be treated for serious injuries. The other two guests were treated at the scene and were released.

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Disneyland Guest Strips Down In Theme Park Attraction

Disneyland Confirms Holiday Attraction Layover Will Return

On Sunday, November 26, The Blast reported on a man, who stripped down and walked around the "it's a small world" attraction at Disneyland Park. He was seemingly under the influence of some sort -- whether that be alcohol or a controlled substance -- and was physically carried out of the theme park by security and police officers. He was then arrested by Anaheim police.

Some speculated he was on LSD or another type of hallucinogen, though this has yet to be confirmed. According to ABC, the man in question was a 26-year-old man. Disney cast members briefly stopped the ride after they found out about the streaker, and attempted to keep the situation as calm as possible.

The man was taken to a local hospital to be checked out.

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Man Takes His Own Life At Disneyland

Guest Banned From Disney Park After Confrontation With Police

Earlier this month, The Blast reported that a 24-year-old man, identified as Jonah Alexander Edwards, tragically took his own life by jumping from the Pixar Pals parking structure at Disneyland in California.

According to law enforcement, the Anaheim Police Department received a call around 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday, November 15, 2023, claiming someone jumped from the parking structure at the Disneyland Resort.

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Large Rat Spotted Inside Disney Park, Scurries Past Guests!
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A man was found dead on the scene, where thousands of visitors enter and exit the Anaheim Theme Park Resort every single day.

This latest incident marks the sixth suicide since 2010 at the Disneyland parking garages -- and three since December 2022. Plus, earlier this year, a guest fell to their death at Bay Lake Tower at Disney’s Contemporary Resort located at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide, please contact the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline at 988 or 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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