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See TikToker's POV As Southwest Passenger Jumps Out Of Airplane!

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By Melanie VanDerveer on November 27, 2023 at 12:45 PM EST

A TikTok creator shared his scary point of view of a recent Southwest Airlines flight that was set to take off from New Orleans when a fellow passenger abruptly jumped out of the emergency hatch leaving a bag behind.

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A Scary Scene Broke Out Before A Southwest Airlines Flight Was About To Take Off From New Orleans

Southwest Airlines

According to WGNO, federal authorities are investigating an incident at the Louis Armstrong International Airport in Kenner that took place on Sunday, Nov. 26 when a passenger jumped out of the plane's emergency exit onto the wing while the plane was still parked at the terminal.

The 38-year-old passenger was caught on the tarmac and taken to a hospital for mental evaluation. He has not been arrested. While there are currently no criminal charges, the case was handed over to federal authorities for further investigation.

A spokesperson for Southwest Airlines gave a statement to Newsweek that said, "We commend our flight and ground crews for their swift action and apologize to our Customers for their inconvenience."

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A TikTok Creator Shared His POV Of The Scary Incident

TikTok airplane incident
Zedweb08 - TikTok

A TikTok creator, who goes by Zedweb08 on the app, was on the flight and seated near the man. He began filming the scene as it unfolded and shared the scary experience on the social media platform.

"Isreal American jumped out the exit door right before the plane took off and allegedly threw something on the plane, I started recording because they were arguing, this was a very traumatic event. Flight 3172 from MSY - ATL," TikToker Zed captioned the video that has been viewed more than 1.2 million times so far.

The video shows the passengers' POV as they realize that the man just jumped out of the plane and allegedly left a bag on the plane. Passengers are seen rushing off the plane as they fill in other passengers that weren't aware of just went down.

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"He put something on the plane and jumped off the plane," you can hear a man telling others. Passengers immediately exited the plane and went into the gate area as they all were talking about what they just witnessed.

"Well, he put something down, and then he jumped off the," the man said in the video. "Looked like a bomb or something."

The man then said he was "scared" and was "one seat away from him."

Once in the gate area, the TikToker viewed the man running on the tarmac.

"There he is. Oh my God, there he is," he said. "They got him!"

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TikTok Viewers Shared Their Thoughts On The Situation In The Comments

Zedweb08 on TikTok
Zedweb08 - TikTok

Zed's video has not only received more than 1 million views, but also thousands of comments since being uploaded late Sunday.

Many commented on the fact that a lot of passengers didn't try to exit the plane quick enough and were asking too many questions.

"They asking too many questions…talking about “Wait, What?” Meanwhile I’m??‍♀️," one person wrote. Another added a similar sentiment saying, "I can’t believe the number of people still sitting down, seeking clarification when they see half of the passengers trying to deplane!!"

One viewer noted, "Y’all talking to much! I would have jumped with him," and Zed replied, "Two people did!!!"

Another TikTok creator, Homewithhann, also shared a video of the man being detained by police after jumping out of the plane.

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This video shows that the bag the man put on the plane was taken off and police were checking it out.

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