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Donna D’Errico Unwraps Her Red Lingerie Like A Christmas Present

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By Kristin Myers on November 25, 2023 at 7:00 PM EST

Actress Donna D’Errico is ready for Christmas!

Just days after Thanksgiving, the “Baywatch” star took to Instagram to share a single snap that featured her unwrapping her red lingerie like a Christmas present with her 2.3 million Instagram followers!

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'Baywatch' Star Donna D'Errico Is Ready For Christmas In Red Satin Lingerie

Over the weekend, Donna shared a stunning snap that featured her tugging on the bow that is tied in the front of her red lingerie, showing off her glowing tan and impeccable fit figure. It appears that she might have been too hot for Instagram to handle, however, as she revealed that Meta, Instagram’s parent company, made her take down the first post.

“lol IG flagged this pic and made me remove it. Why?” she wrote it again along with the hashtags #letstrythisagain and #linkinbio to remind fans that no one is policing the content on her OnlyFans page. “It’s a beautiful pic. I’ve seen worse and this isn’t even bad,” one fan commented. “Can I unwrap this present?” another follower asked. “Merry Christmas to us!” a third fan exclaimed.

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Donna's Been Forced To Repost A LOT Of Photos Lately!

In yet another Instagram post, Donna shared a variety of photos that featured her posing in swimsuits or lingerie. The photos were hardly as revealing as some of the other content that is posted online, and yet Donna revealed in the caption that Meta forced her to take down these accounts as well in order to lift the shadow ban on her account.

“Reposting more perfectly fine pics that I was forced to remove in order to get my shadow ban lifted after haters went through reporting everything on my page. There’s nothing wrong with these photos. Jealousy is a beast. Please ‘like’ these a second time and show bullies that they don’t win,” she wrote in the caption along with a prayer hands emoji.

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Fans Plead With Instagram To Stop Messing With Donna D’Errico’s Posts!

“I was so offended I had to look a few dozen times. Please keep posting to really p--- people off,” one fan commented. “Hard work pays off... haters are going to hate. Stay Strong!” another follower exclaimed. “Classy with a capital C,” a third fan chimed in. “You are the most beautiful woman ever!” another follower gushed while another fan called her “Sexy AF!”

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“Instagram, please stop taking her pictures down! There is nothing wrong with these pictures and nothing inappropriate about them. Focus your time on taking down spam and fake accounts that do have inappropriate stuff on them!” another follower begged. “Once someone reports them they'll keep hassling over and over which is BS,” another user chimed in. “Hopefully, we can help her out by maybe even texting Instagram directly,” the follower replied, adding, “It's worth a try!

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Who Would Want To Mess With Donna?

In the caption of a video set to the Bee Gees’s hit song, “Stayin’ Alive,” Donna explained her situation along with a video of her walking through a garden in a blue drawstring bikini.

“There’s a group of women haters who routinely report all of my posts because it makes them feel better about themselves to see a thriving, confident woman get shadow banned and have to keep taking down all of her posts,” she explained.

“Here is one of the many they organized their efforts to report. I had to remove it, and many others, to get my shadow ban lifted. So I’m putting it right back up,” she continued. “Using technology to bully is still, in fact, bullying. And Donna doesn’t get bullied.”

Fans were quick to show their support for Donna in the comments. “For goodness sake! People need a hobby. Keep doing you gorgeous—I love your positivity!” one fan commented while another follower added, “In all seriousness: How do you criticize Donna? She’s amazing and radiates positivity in a profound way.”

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