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Holly Sonders In Stretchy Underwear Eyes Thanksgiving In Sweaty Gym Session

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By Evie Scott on November 24, 2023 at 4:00 PM EST

Holly Sonders made sure to burn as many calories as possible ahead of Thanksgiving this year. The former pro golfer stripped down to a revealing undies look as she thrilled her 600,000+ Instagram followers this week, showing off her gym moves and her sizzling body and even mentioning her famous boyfriend in her caption.

Shouting out boxer Oscar De La Hoya, Holly worked up a sweat while stripped down to her stretchy underwear, also picking a revealing angle to be filmed at. Flaunting her jaw-dropping abs and also putting on a curve show, the brunette also promoted her new Xposed Sports venture as she mixed business with pleasure. Fans have left the TikTok repost over 1,900 likes.

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Eyeing Up Thanksgiving 'Feast'

Confirming that she'll be indulging this Turkey Day, Holly worked her glutes and her abs as she lay on her back and from a black gym floor.

Hoisting up one leg and also her torso, Holly drew the eye to her shredded abs and toned waistline as she rocked a skintight bra and matching briefs in a khaki shade. Going fairly high-cut with her '90s-style bottoms, Holly also flashed her super-toned legs as she meticulously delivered her challenging reps while also showing off her arms and shoulders. The stunner had picked a two-piece with thick black straps to match the detailing on her waistband, and fans just about saw the "RESTING B---- FACE" writing across them.

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Glistening in sweat, Holly also peeped hints of sneakers as she kept her outfit sporty. The former Fox Sports face wore her dark hair tied back, plus a little less makeup than usual. In a caption, she wrote: "We went viral our first week on TikTok! @xposed__sportz is putting in the WORK! Gotta stay fit for my girls and my man before tomorrow's feast. Happy Thanksgiving everyone."

"OMG," a fan quickly replied. "Happy Thanksgiving Luv!!!" another said.

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Feed Her Ice Cream

Holly works out on a regular basis and sticks to a healthy diet, but she does allow herself to indulge. She's also figured out a smart hack to tackle ice cream cravings. In a reveal, the star dished that she adores low-calorie ice cream brand Halo, sharing: “I would be 500 or 600 lbs if this brand did not exist. I can have it for breakfast if I want, which I do sometimes, or lunch if I want to. I go through maybe half a pint of it every day, no matter what diet plan I’m on.”

In the 2019 IG share, she further revealed being a fan of Halo Top Creamery’s peanut butter cup.

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Smoking Body In Swimwear

Holly is known for flaunting her figure on social media, and likes come in fast when she's in swimwear.

In this share, she went full bombshell while modeling a high-cut, busty swimsuit in hot pink as she channeled Barbicore vibes on the beach.

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