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Travis Kelce Reveals 'KFC Feast' Thanksgiving Plan Without Taylor Swift

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By Afouda Bamidele on November 22, 2023 at 2:15 PM EST

Are Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift spending Thanksgiving together or apart? This is probably the biggest question in Hollywood right now!

The Kansas City Chiefs player has disclosed that he will be enjoying a lonesome fast food meal while his girlfriend thrills fans during her show in São Paulo on the day after Thanksgiving.

With this admission, fans have started holding onto hope that previous reports of the lovebirds making time in their schedules to be together for the Christmas season turn out to be true.

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Travis Kelce Confesses To Enjoying Thanksgiving Day Without Anybody

Following the Philadelphia Eagles' Monday night victory against the Chiefs, the Kelce brothers hopped on their "New Heights" podcast where they delved into their plans for Thanksgiving. 

In the episode, Jason was discussing the holiday NFL games to watch on television when Travis admitted that he would be in Missouri alone while his big brother, Jason, would be in Pennsylvania with his wife, Kylie, and their three daughters.

"Good luck to them. I'll be feasting on KFC because I won't have anybody here," he said, to which Jason responded by asking about Kumar Ferguson, the tight end's personal chef, saying, "You don't have anybody in there cooking turkey? What's Kumar doing?"

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Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce To Continue Living Apart Despite Rumors
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"I don't know. He might be going back to hang out with his family," Travis stated, prompting his 36-year-old brother to extend an invitation for him to fly to Philadelphia and join him for dinner. Jason then said

"If you want to make a quick trip, you're welcome at the house, man. We'll have plenty of food."

Even though the NFL star might not be spending Thanksgiving Day with his girlfriend, fans are hopeful that a recent claim from sources about the duo reportedly working hard to carve out some free time in their busy schedules has some truth in it. 

The Blast reported that despite uncertainty about their Christmas plans, informants have suggested that Taylor and Travis have been discussing their holiday plans with people close to them. 

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The insiders then added that the Grammy Awards winner and the two-time Super Bowl champion are eager to spend the holiday season together, further contradicting previous information about Taylor's holiday plans excluding her boyfriend.

Amid the influx of details, it is worth noting that Taylor is scheduled to return home for Thanksgiving celebrations on November 23 after her appearance in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on Sunday. 

Following Thanksgiving, the Pennsylvania native will travel to São Paulo for her performance on November 24 as part of her ongoing Eras tour. Meanwhile, her beau and the Chiefs team are set to face the Las Vegas Raiders on their turf on Sunday, November 26. 

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Taylor Swift Takes A Stand Against Throwing Things On Stage

Taylor Swift Causes Havoc In Los Angeles Ahead Of 'Eras' Movie

Away from their holiday plans, The Blast highlighted the moment Taylor took a minute to educate concertgoers on proper concert etiquette after an audience member threw a gift on stage during her performance. Immediately calling out the offender, whose supposed gift was a bra per eyewitnesses, the 33-year-old stated: 

"And just because communication means having gentle, healthy boundaries — it really freaks me out when stuff gets thrown on the stage."

Emphasizing that she was more concerned about those around her than herself, the 2023 Billboard Music Awards nominee added, "Because if it's on the stage, then a dancer can trip on it. I love that you brought presents, and that is so nice, but just can you please not throw them on the stage? I love you so much."

The sweet approach to the incident, which occurred months after other singers had been injured by items thrown by enthusiastic fans, endeared her even more to the Swifties.

"I hate that she has to be super polite about it bc then the crazy fans will be mad like??? It should be common sense to not throw ANYTHING," one person wrote, as another gushed, "I love her. We have to keep her safe."

At the same time, a third Swiftie pointed out, "She's so respectful," as a fourth chimed in, "I love how she's not like a lot of other artists that are like "Can you stop f------ throwing stuff !?," and a fifth pointed out, "If you throw something on stage and it hits mother or her dancers, you're done. Over. We'll get you."

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