Taylor Swift Seen On Date With Travis Kelce After Canceling Show

'The View' Hosts Slammed For 'Sexist Comparison' Of Taylor Swift To Travis Kelce's Ex

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By Afouda Bamidele on November 22, 2023 at 7:15 AM EST

Amid Taylor Swift's recent concerts and Travis Kelce's supportive presence, there is speculation about the longevity of their romance.

The latest people to express their concerns about the pair's ability to sustain their relationship are co-hosts of "The View," Sara Haines and Sunny Hostin. Unfortunately, despite having good intentions for Swift, the women have quickly come under fire for highlighting what they considered to be some of Kelce's "red flags."

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Sara Haines & Sunny Hostin Under Fire For Take On Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce's Romance

In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal Magazine, Kelce made remarks regarding his relationship with Swift. The comments, as it turned out, did not sit right with Hostin, who said during Tuesday's episode of "The View," "Some of the things he said raised some red flags for me," before adding:

"He said, 'The biggest thing to me: Make sure I don't say anything that would push Taylor away.' What is he hiding then? For me, I want to know the good, the bad and the ugly up-front."

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After making a joke about how she felt when her husband, Emmanuel Hostin, showed her every part of himself, the 55-year-old claimed that by walking on eggshells, Kelce was "sending in his representative so he doesn't offend her in any way." And to her, that did not count as "real life" where "people offend you sometimes and they make you upset."

As for Haines, the Kansas City Chiefs star's most significant "red flag" was him admitting to contemplating retirement. She highlighted that the professional athlete openly stated he "thinks about it nonstop more than anyone could ever imagine."

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Continuing, the 46-year-old explained, "He is huge in the football world, and then you go to Taylor Swift land, and I think that if you were thinking about next chapters, this would be lovely." To which Hostin agreeably said, "It's a very comfortable next chapter." 

Both women's takes then prompted their co-host, Joy Behar, to seek clarification, and she asked, "What are you saying? He wants to retire to live off of her?" In response, Haines confirmed, "No, he has millions, but he's, like, on a podcast, he likes comedy. I think he's looking for a second act."

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Although Behar, who called Kelce an "id—" in a previous episode of the ABC show, came to his defense, the damage was already done and 'Swifties' were pissed. Taking to the replies of the conversation, which was contained in a video shared on X, one person noted:

"Such a missed opportunity. Here's a man praising his girlfriend for her brain, something I'm sure @sunny you would want for your daughter. But you all go for the old sexist comparison "but his ex is pretty."! So? You want to teach girls that beauty is everything? @Alyssafarah."

"What I found completely irrelevant, and disrespectful to women in general, was Sunny expressing how hot his ex is. Obviously her exterior wasn't enough to sustain the relationship. He talks about substance (intelligence/humor) in this relationship that's completely glossed over,” a second viewer pointed out.

Tagging Haines, a third Swiftie emphasized, "He talked about retirement in reference to all of the surgeries & injuries he's had playing football. Put it in the right context!" while a fourth tagged Hostin, writing, "why bring up his ex? She's his ex for a reason. I found that to be in poor taste. They are BOTH beautiful women."

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Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce To Continue Living Apart Despite Rumors

A fifth X user chimed in, "These women's opinions are garbage because they don't know s— because obviously they didn't read the article but I love the replays tho."

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One Member Of 'The View' Panel Had Also Been Slammed For Coming After Kelce

The reactions seem similar to the one Behar received last week when she called Kelce an "id—" after some of his old social media posts containing disparaging comments about women resurfaced online.

Per The Blast, the 81-year-old had read several of the since-deleted messages from the tight end, including one that made derogatory remarks about women associated with the Clippers and Lakers teams. 

"d— the clippers girls gotta be the s— girls that dont make the lakers girls team, cuz they all was ugly," the statement read. She then expressed, "He's illiterate is more to the point. He's obsessed with the girls looking good; that was his thing," before reading two more posts.

After Behar finished reading the disparaging remarks, Whoopi Goldberg posed a question wondering why she cared what he thought. To that, the comedian replied, "I'm a Swiftie, and I love her because she's getting young people out to vote, so I don't want her to be stuck with this id—t."

"Joy Behar bodyshames people everyday like it's her job. Old hag joy behar stfu," one critic slammed, as another admonished, "WTF yall…he made shameful comments as a young man and here yall are doing the same d— thing as grown a— women."

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