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Singer Tallia Storm In See-Through Dress Promotes Her New Single

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By Kristin Myers on November 13, 2023 at 8:00 AM EST

Singer Tallia Storm is flaunting her fit physique in order to promote some new music!

The 25-year-old singer released her new single “Used Girl” on Friday and her 607 thousand Instagram followers can’t get enough of her new tune!

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Tallia Storm Leaves Little To The Imagination In Her See-Through Black Dress

The “Boyfriend” singer donned a see-through black dress that left little to the imagination to promote her new single, “Used Girl.” She brushed her long blonde hair back out of her face to show off her glossy red lips. Only her face and her shoulders were exposed by the strapless dress and appeared to be glowing in the dim light as she used the photo as the cover art for her new single. In the caption, Tallia celebrated the release of her new song:

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“HAPPY NEW TALLIA MUSIC FRIDAY ? 'Used Girl' is out everywhere ?? u can add to ur sad gal anthems & stream till the tears are dry !!!! thank YOU @spotify for giving me my own 'This Is Tallia Storm' playlist??? Cloud 9!!! So happy to share this song with u, my dms are OPEN. I wanna know what u think & feel & relate to Used Girl!!!!! Tallia has BEEN THERE. Thank u @mikeseaberg on the mix????? link in bio.”

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Her mother, Dr. Tessa Hartmann, commented, “Love love love this song but my heart is aching for you - but we’ve all been there. Congrats - stunning performance and insane string arrangement. Proud of you Missy T.” Tallia responded to the comment with four red heart emojis. “Love Island” season 6 reality star Eve Gale also dropped some love on her post, simply writing, “Wow” along with a heart-eye emoji.

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Tallia Calls ‘Used Girl’ Her ‘Most Fav Song Ever’

On Saturday morning, the “Pop Girl” singer shared a video that featured her dancing in the studio while her new single blasted over the speaker. She looks more casual in a black sweatshirt, sweatpants, a black baseball cap that she’s wearing backward, and white crew socks tucked into open-toe sandals. In the caption, Tallia wrote:

“What's the most dramatic star sign?? ?♏️ Comment yours - tag who's guilty ? I wrote my most fav song ever. Used Girl is out now!! Link in bio.”

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Although most fans loved the song, not everyone loved the message behind it. “This is incredibly cringe, I bet the ex is loving it and makes Tallia look so f---ing desperate… plenty more fish in the sea, love,” one user wrote. “Not at all,” Tallia replied. Fortunately, most fans loved the song, praising her as "so talented."

Tallia Storm Reveals The Inspiration Behind 'Used Girl'

In another Instagram post, the Glasgow native shared her inspiration for the song. She said that she was going out for a girl’s night when she spotted her ex with a new girl sitting at the table right next to her and her friends. Tallia admitted that she kept trying to sneak glances at the couple, describing that the new girl was “stunning” and the “perfect choice” for her ex. When she got home, she sat down at her piano, and “Used Girl” was born. In the caption, Tallia wrote:

“Tag / send to my heartbroken girlies ONLY. ??? GCSE drama kings & queens - we get through this TOGETHER. What do u think of 'Used Girl' link in bio!'n my DMs are OPEN!!! Stream till ur hearts CONTENT.”

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Fans and famous friends were quick to commiserate. Singer Ashlee Keating commented, “Love. This is my life literally lmao. Go ahead, girl!!!” Another follower encouraged Tallia to “forget about your ex,” adding, “You’re better than that.” Another fan wrote, “You aren’t a used girl. I think plenty would take the used girl” while other followers encouraged Tallia to enjoy the weekend!

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