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Aaron Rodgers Sets Record Straight On Alleged 'Bong' Sideline Fumble

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on November 10, 2023 at 8:10 PM EST

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers was on the sideline cheering his team on when, suddenly, he dropped something that fans thought was a bong.

The future Hall of Famer is now setting the record straight, insisting that he was not holding a bong on the sidelines.

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Aaron Rodgers Breaks Silence On Bong Rumors

Aaron Rodgers Gives Timeline On NFL Return - And It's SOON!

During pre-game warm-ups, Aaron Rodgers, who just underwent surgery weeks ago to repair his torn Achilles, he was speaking with what looked to be a reporter before ending the conversation and walking away to pick up a black box, in which something fell out. Fans claimed that the item looked like a bong.

The beaker-shaped piece of glassware hit the turf, shaking around some sort of liquid inside.  After rumors began circulating the internet, Rodgers, himself, decided to set the record straight.

“That was not a bong, first of all,” Rodgers said Friday on 'The Pat McAfee Show.' “Let’s go through a couple of things. No. 1, I was dapping up by buddy Hugh [Coles]. Hugh plays George McFly in the new Broadway play ‘Back to the Future.’ So shout out to Hugh."

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Rodgers continued, "No. 2, there’s a gentleman named John Sutcliffe, he is the ESPN Deportes sideline reporter and he’s tried to interview me in Spanish a few times with some funny results. I dap him up, it’s partly his fault because I was walking off the field with my Maestro Dobel tequila that John Sutcliffe gives me every time he sees me on ‘Monday Night Football'."


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“I’m walking off and I hear a British guy yell my name," he continued to explain. "So I turn over and there’s Hugh, my buddy. He’s British, but he’s incredible in ‘Back to the Future’ without the accent. Anyway, I see Hugh, give him a hug, dap him up, go to pick it back up, s–- falls out and I lose half my tequila. So, shout out to John for bringing me tequila, shout out to Maestro Dobel, shout out to Hugh, shout out to bongs everywhere, but that was not one of them.”

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Aaron Rodgers On His Road To Recovery

Aaron Rodgers Future With New York Jets Revealed Following MRI Results

Rodgers went down just three plays into his Jets season debut as he suffered a torn Achilles. Following his surgery, which occurred in the beginning of September, Rodgers made it known that he plans to play for the New York Jets again this season. “I think what I’d like to say is, give me the doubts. Give me the timetables. Give me all the things that you think can, should or will happen because all I need is that one little extra percent of inspiration," he stated at the time. "That’s all I need.”

“So give me your doubts, give me your prognostications and then watch what I do,” Rodgers added.

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The NFL star is staying true to his word, as he's been seen walking without crutches just weeks following his surgery, and even throwing the football around and making plays during preseason warm-ups with his teammates.

Although a specific timeline has yet to be given, Rodgers did say he plans to be back in “a few weeks.”

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