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Ochocinco Backpedals On Keith Lee Hate After Backlash: 'I'm Team Keith Lee'

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By Melanie VanDerveer on November 8, 2023 at 9:30 AM EST

Talk about completely flipping the switch! Chad Ochocinco Johnson has drastically changed his tune when speaking about TikTok food critic Keith Lee.

The former NFL player said some harsh things about Lee on his "Nightcap with Unc and Ocho" podcast with Shannon Sharpe recently and after backlash, he's sharing a whole new view of the wildly popular TikToker.

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Chad Ochocinco Johnson Declares He's Now 'Team Keith Lee'

Shannon Sharpe and Ochocinco talk about Keith Lee
Shannon Sharpe - TikTok

After sharing his hateful thoughts on Lee and what he does for restaurants, Johnson has taken a huge step back and admitted he was wrong. During a recent episode of his podcast with Sharpe, Johnson apologized, praised Lee for how he responded to the situation, and explained why he's now "Team Keith Lee."

"I like his response. After my research, and after my daughter getting on me and me doing my homework after the fact, he's doing some phenomenal god---- work, some beautiful work," Johnson said. "And matter of fact, listen, you know, I obviously apologize, but I'm team Keith Lee, too, now. Matter of fact, when he does food reviews, I'm going too."

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Johnson also revealed that some "people from Atlanta restaurants" reached out to him and he read one of the messages so everyone could hear.

"They don't realize that they have a level of responsibility with their reach. Bad reviews shared with 14 million followers will ruin a small business," he continued. "On the flip side, I'm reading some of the comments from some of the people. We have to be better at doing right by the customer."

Johnson then once again turned his attention to Lee's response to all the hate he was spreading on the previous podcast.

"The mother------ response was so f------ classy," Johnson said.

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TikTok Followers Loved To See Ochocinco Apologize And Switch To Team Keith Lee

Keith Lee/Chad Ochocinco Johnson

Lee's fans are loyal and many of them dropped into the comments of the podcast clip shared on Sharpe's TikTok page to leave their thoughts. Many were happy to hear Johnson change his tune about Lee and all he's been doing for restaurants.

"This. Is. Accountability. Love it. Now I’m a huge Ocho Fan," one person wrote. Another added, "Listen, Ocho's daughter was like...Pops you need to apologize before you get canceled for talking about Keith Lee."

Other comments included thanking Johnson for taking accountability and expressing happiness over his apology.

"I love accountability and apology," one follower wrote. "I’m glad he went back did more research and was Accountable for his previous rant," another person added.

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Many people tagged Lee in the comments, but as of now, he hasn't commented on the video or issued his own response on his TikTok page.

Keith Lee Responded To Chad Ochocinco Johnson's Hate In A TikTok Video

Keith Lee
Keith Lee - TikTok

Before Johnson changed his tune and became "Team Keith Lee," the food critic took to TikTok to share his thoughts on all Johnson had to say about him. And as always, Lee took the high road and issued a kind but informative response.

"To me, it seems like you have no idea who I am. And again, that's okay with me. My main point was my qualifications. I'll be honest with you, I've been a professional fighter for almost 10 years. I've traveled the world eating food," Lee said in his response video.

"I've cut weight from anywhere from 170 pounds to 135 pounds. And food is one of the most important things when it comes to cutting weight. So, at the end of the day, I'm just a foodie. I agree with you."

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Keith Lee - TikTok

Lee then asked if this wasn't Johnson's first time ever seeing him, "Why is this your first time speaking on me?"

"We've been blessed enough to raise over $40,000 for a restaurant owner who has cancer. We've been blessed enough to be used as a vessel to retire a teacher in less than 24 hours," Lee continued. "We've been blessed enough to be a part of keeping multiple restaurant's doors open. And all of this within a span of 10 months."

Johnson wasn't the only person to feel Lee's response to his hateful comments was "classy." The comment section of Lee's response video quickly filled up with similar thoughts.

"Keith just roasted Ocho in the nicest way possible," one person wrote. Another added, "I love how Keith respectfully cleared him out."

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