Ex-SNL Comic Kevin Brennan Insults Robert Griffin III, Caleb Williams For Crying: 'He's A B----'

SNL Comic Kevin Brennan Insults USC's Caleb Williams For Crying: 'He's A B----'

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By Favour Adegoke on November 6, 2023 at 12:31 PM EST

Comedian Kevin Brennan is on a roll with his crude comments of late, and he is getting slammed for his attention-seeking. 

The former "Saturday Night Live" writer took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to slam football player Caleb Williams and ex-NFL athlete Robert Griffin III, calling them "b------."

His remark was in response to Griffin, who posted about Williams crying with his family after his team, the USC Trojans, lost their game against the Washington Huskies.

Brennan's comments come very shortly after he made cruel jokes about "Friends" star Matthew Perry's death.

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Kevin Brennan Slams Robert Griffin III, Caleb Williams

Washed Up Ex-SNL Comic Tries To 'Stay Relevant' By Mocking Matthew Perry's Death
Instagram | Kevin Brennan

If there is one thing Kevin Brennan knows how to do, it is to ruffle feathers. The comedian recently made a comment directed at USC football player Calen Williams after the athlete was seen crying with his family following his team's loss. 

Former football quarterback Robert Griffin III also got caught in the crossfire, as Brennan branded the two athletes "b------."

Griffin made a tweet commenting on the heartbreaking moment Williams broke down in tears after USC's Trojans' loss to Washington's Huskies.

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He wrote, along with a video of the player crying, "Watching Caleb Williams sobbing with his family after losing the game will BREAK YOUR HEART."

The former athlete added, "This young man pours his heart out for his team EVERY TIME he plays. Any NFL team would be lucky to have him as their QB and this emotion shows how much this game means to him. @CALEBcsw"

Brennan seemed to disagree with Griffin, tweeting, "He's a b----. Just like you."

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Kevin Brennan's Remarks Has Football Fans Split

Although Brennan's comments seemed rude and unsympathetic to Williams' tears, some football fans seemed to agree with him.

A person wrote, "Seriously. Take it to the locker room and cry in a bathroom stall if you have to. Otherwise, it’s just attention seeking."

Another person said, "I’m sick of this lose-and-cry generation. Bunch of p-----. Grow up, toughen up, suck it up you have to, but don’t do this kind of s---, especially in public. The poster hides nothing."

Others slammed the comedian for trying to seek attention, with one comment reading, "Wow. Kevin the keyboard warrior strikes again. Ohhhh so scary." 

Another X user wrote, "You’re scared of your own shadow, coward." 

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A third person noted, "You’re the biggest b---- of all….hungry NOBODY," while a fourth said, "Well you would know a bitch since you are one."

Caleb Williams & USC's Heartbreaking Loss To Washington

The USC quarterback's team faced a harsh loss on Saturday's game against Washington, and the minute it ended, Williams took to the stands where his family was and broke down in tears behind one of their posters.

The 21-year-old uncontrollably sobbed while sitting near the guardrail. Williams could be seen holding onto one of his family members as he wailed, knowing that USC’s likelihood of making the College Football Playoff was utterly shattered by their loss.

"I want to go home and cuddle with my dog and watch some shows," the young athlete said, per Fox News, after being questioned about his team's loss. 

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He continued, "Like, we lost the game. I work hard throughout months, years to have big games like this, try and go win and play your best, each and every one of us. We came out with a loss today, so emotionally, I want to go home, and I want to play with my dog."

USC's head coach, Lincoln Riley, commented on the loss, saying, "We didn’t play very well tonight. The biggest thing was the run game. Way too many big plays. Some of our worst ball was on some of the biggest plays of the game..."

"I think our guys are frustrated that we’ve been so, so close and we haven’t played good enough to be able to separate," Coach Riley added.

Sports Fans Rally Around Caleb Williams

Despite scathing comments from Kevin Brennan, several sports fans have commended Williams for showing his genuine emotions after suffering a game loss.

Former quarterback Robert Griffin III wrote, "When you pour your all into something and it doesn’t go the way you planned, it hurts. Caleb Williams has a bright future and this type of emotion is the realest moment of his career yet."

"Gotta remember these are young adults or kids. Some people will make fun but no need he is a human!" another person noted.

A third person said, "This is another reason why college is just a better watch than the NFL. Games and emotion. These kids bleed this stuff. Tears and all." 

We hope Caleb Williams feels better because the real test is coming up against rivals UCLA. 

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