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Model Heidi Klum Tans Topless In Colorful Bikini Bottoms

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By Kristin Myers on November 5, 2023 at 3:20 PM EST

Model Heidi Klum is having fun in the sun beside the pool!

The 50-year-old model has made it no secret that she likes to tan topless and she held nothing back for her Instagram followers as she showed off her lazy Sunday by the pool!

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Heidi Klum Sunbathes Topless By The Pool

On Sunday afternoon, the “America’s Got Talent” judge shared an Instagram carousel that contained four slides. The first slide featured her holding her phone beside her face before she shifted her camera to show her dog vigorously wagging its tail beside her.

The second slide shows her lying on her back with one hand draped over her chest. She then pans the camera down to show off her colorful yellow bikini bottoms. The third photo features her topless shadow, which makes it very clear that she is not wearing any top in this photo. The fourth photo also features photos of her dogs stretched out in the sun beside the pool.

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Heidi Reveals Why She Likes To Tan Topless!

The first-ever German Victoria’s Secret model actually has a “very strategic” reason for why she likes to tan topless. In September 2023, she told People magazine that she likes to tan topless to avoid tan lines.

“I’m super comfortable naked today. To the point where my kids are like, ‘Mom, I have a friend coming over,’” she told the publication. “As soon as someone is coming, I put my top on. But if no one is there, sun’s out, bums out.”

“I just don’t like tan lines because I wear so many different outfits. I don’t want to have straps anywhere from tan lines,” she said. “It’s very strategic.”

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Heidi Klum Says That She Was 'Too Big' To Be A Runway Model

When she was first getting started in her career, Heidi told People magazine that she was "too big" to fit into the clothes when she tried to be a runway model. “I was also too big to fit in any of the clothes,” she recalled. “They weren’t lying! I remember going to Paris and trying all those dresses on. I could never fit in them. And I was thin, but they were even thinner. So I never got those jobs.”

She also had trouble keeping a straight face while walking the runway. “I can’t not smile!” she confessed. “Then I don’t look as you want me to. So all the things that I first wanted to do, they didn’t work out. So I looked for things that I could do.”

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Heidi Reflects On Her 1998 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Magazine Cover

Although she had trouble getting started in her modeling career, by 1998, she had landed the cover of an issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine. “Getting that phone call telling me that I was on the cover, it was like when someone wins $20 million in the lottery,” she recalled. “Because at that time, without social media, I think the numbers were, like, 55 million readers or something.”

“I could really feel that reach too. I would go into a restaurant, and people all of a sudden would be like, ‘That’s that girl from Sports Illustrated.’ It just was such a big bouncing board for me to really make me go to the next step in my career,” she added.

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Heidi Klum Recalls Being 'Upset' If She Didn't Get The 'Biggest' Victoria's Secret Wings

In addition to her work with Sports Illustrated, she has also spent over a decade working with Victoria’s Secret. “I was proud of being in Victoria’s Secret,” she said. “I was super appreciative that they would pick me instead of someone else. People would say, ‘Oh, and they made us wear these wings, and da-da-da.’ I’m like, ‘I always wanted the wings.’ And I was upset if I didn’t get the biggest ones!”

“I would go to the top, and I’d be like, ‘Why am I having these small wings? I want bigger wings.’ Because for me it was always like a moment; this is the VS show. Everyone is watching. I don’t want little chicken wings. I want the biggest wings you could possibly have, and I wore them proudly.”

Interested in more Heidi Klum content? Just last night, she turned heads at a gala held at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art wearing a shimmering diamond dress that made her look like she was wearing nothing but a giant cloud. In fact, fans were sure that she wasn't wearing anything underneath the draping fabric as she shared photos and videos of her latest look. Fans can check out that fashion statement by clicking here!

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