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Senada Greca In Black Two-Piece Reveals Her ‘Motivation’

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By Kristin Myers on November 3, 2023 at 9:00 AM EDT

Celebrity fitness trainer Senada Greca is showing off her curly haircut and her fit physique in a black two-piece bikini from Zentoa, her very own line of fitness and swimwear apparel.

The fitness coach flaunted her fit physique and muscular legs as she stood barefoot on a wooden floor against a white backdrop, sharing photos and videos of her posing for the camera.

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Celebrity Fitness Trainer Senada Greca Flaunts CHISELED Abs In New Gym Fit

Senada Greca has worked hard for her body and the results are definitely visible as she showed off the muscles in her legs and arms. Fans who swipe through the carousel can see how she pulls down the top of her high-waisted leggings in order to show off the definition of her toned abs.

“What motivates you? My motivation to stay consistent with my nutrition and workouts stems from a desire to be as healthy as I can, mind and body, for as long as I’m around. I want to care for my one true home, this earthly vehicle we call our body, as best I can while creating the strongest, best version of myself, mind, body, soul,” she wrote in the caption. “And… a good set of workout clothes, definitely helps. Link in BIO for the ZENTOA Seamless Perfect Collection.”

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Senada Is Inspiring Others To Follow Their Fitness Goals!

The Zentoa brand commented, “Wow, GORGEOUS in Zentoa” but another follower reminded fans what her post was really about. “Last night, my boyfriend and I split up because he's not attracted to my body, which, after training consistently, became muscular. Seeing how feminine and beautiful you are inspires me to not give up on my fitness journey,” one fan shared with her over four million Instagram followers.

“Don’t give up! If your boyfriend is insecure, you deserve better than him,” another follower commented. “That’s crazy!!! Sorry to hear that. Your boyfriend should love you at any size,” another fan chimed in. “Amen,” another follower agreed. The post even caught the attention of Senada herself!

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Senada Greca Probably Never Imagined She’d Be Giving Love Advice!

Even though she usually responds to questions about fitness and nutrition, the popular fitness trainer probably never expected to be giving advice on love! “Please do you and focus on what makes you happy and feel your best in YOUR body. It’s no one’s but yours. It’s your one and only true home. So make it a place you enjoy occupying,” Senada wrote, prompting the fan to reply, “Thanks for your words. I will follow your advice.”

The positive energy for the fan continued, with another user writing, “Congratulations! You got rid of somebody that doesn’t deserve you! Keep loving yourself and to what makes you feel happy!” Other users focused on her caption and what their motivation was for working out.

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Senada Shares Her Physique Comes ‘Naturally’ With Good Nutrition and Workouts

“Health is a great reason to be motivated but I assume it also has to do with a desire to look a certain way,” one user commented. “That’s a great byproduct for me. It’s never the driver. When you eat and work out for health, the physique comes naturally,” Senada replied.

“Well, whatever health means to you. You can be healthy without working out and eating like an athlete. Just a moderate workout, enough daily movement, and a balanced diet can be enough. You are on a different athletic level and that’s great if you love it but it’s not necessary to maintain that high level for ‘just’ health IMO,” the fan replied, but Senada didn’t seem to feel a need to respond further.

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Fans Are OBSESSED With Senada Greca’s Zentoa Perfect Seamless Collection

There were a few fans who couldn’t stop gushing over her activewear! “I am obsessed!!! I didn’t think I would love my new leggings that much! They are amazing and they fit me perfectly! You made a great product!! I’ve got a lot of compliments wearing your brand in my 60’s,” one fan gushed.

“So happy you love your new @zentoa leggings. Ah. Makes me so happy to hear! Can’t wait to see you in them,” Senada replied. Fans can check out Senada rocking yet another two-piece Zentoa fit during an intense ab workout by clicking here!

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