Simu Liu Settles For 'Very Low-Effort' Halloween Costume Of Aaron Rodgers

Simu Liu Nails 'Bare-Minimum' Aaron Rodgers Halloween Costume With Twin Injury

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By Afouda Bamidele on November 1, 2023 at 11:15 AM EDT

Simu Liu might have had something super in mind for Halloween. However, when faced with a difficult situation, the Marvel star took out-of-the-box thinking to another level — Aaron Rodgers style! 

For Halloween, celebrities are known for going all out with their outfits, often setting the bar high for creativity and extravagance. Nevertheless, the actor, known for his role as Shang-Chi in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, took a different approach this year. In a move that is enough to leave one both amused and entertained, he opted for a hilariously easy costume. 

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Simu Liu Pulls Off Hilarious Halloween Costume As Aaron Rodgers

In a playful twist, the "Kim's Convenience" actor took inspiration from NFL star Aaron Rodgers, who recently faced a similar Achilles setback. Donning a New York Jets T-shirt, crutches, and a cast on his right foot, Liu's impersonation of the athlete was a clever nod to their shared injury. 

Alongside the images of his spirited costume, Liu offered a glimpse of the hospital setting and a snapshot of himself gaming with his injured leg comfortably propped up. In good spirits, the 34-year-old humorously shared in the caption:

"ya boy went a little too method this halloween 😭🩼. i know this might seem like a very low-effort costume on the surface but i assure you the commitment was absolute. i got the stitches to prove it!" 

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The "Blood and Water" star extended gratitude to his girlfriend, Allison Hsu, for her steadfast support, acknowledging her role in driving him to the early morning surgery and standing by his side throughout the process. He then closed with an optimistic outlook, toasting to a swift recovery for himself and Rodgers

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Liu's followers expressed their sympathy and well-wishes for his recovery with comments like, "Awwwe man! That sucks. I hope it heals fast ❤️" and "Sorry for the heel hooking you too hard." One fan emotionally noted, "Maaaaannnnnn that sucks!"

Another sympathizer wished him a "speedy recovery" and for him to "come back stronger." At the same time, some humorously pointed to his gaming, as seen in the post, like this person, who stated, "Duuuuudddee!! Third pic tells me you're gonna be okay haha." 

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While most found Liu's costume choice hilarious, it is worth remembering that in September, during his inaugural game, Rodgers tore his Achilles tendon. However, just four and a half weeks after surgery, the Jets' quarterback defied expectations with an astonishing recovery after what was deemed a "season-ending" injury. 

As reported by The Blast, although he had just undergone surgery, he was seen walking without the aid of crutches at MetLife Stadium, leaving everyone astounded. In fact, not only did he roam the stadium with ease, but he also joined his teammates on the field for warm-ups, demonstrating remarkable progress. 

Despite his speedy recovery, which was undoubtedly encouraging, the 39-year-old urged fans to temper their hopes for an immediate NFL return, explaining that the milestones were just steps in a longer process. In his words:

"They're just markers. You saw me walk without crutches and throw on the field. Another marker's gonna be jogging. And then another marker's gonna be going through a pregame workout, probably, and get on a practice field. All of these are gonna take time. There's critical markers I have to hit." 

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Simu Liu And Allison Hsu Make It Official With Festive Flair

Less than two months after his previous relationship with actress Jade Bender, the "Make It Pop" guest star announced his new romance with Hsu in a delightful Instagram post. 

The couple, clad in Christmas sweaters, exuded joy as they posed on the red carpet of the 2022 action comedy "Violent Night" premiere. Liu wore white pants while his partner rocked a stylish gray skirt and knee-length boots.

The heartwarming post, captioned, "pictured: two asians in front of santa's crotch 3," garnered widespread approval, including a sweet comment from actress Olivia Munn. Journalist Melody Hahm even coined a couple name for them, suggesting "Allimu" or "Silli," but acknowledged they might need some fine-tuning. 

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Fans also expressed both delight and heartbreak, with some playfully lamenting their dashed hopes of winning Liu's heart, like this admirer who exclaimed, "Nooooooooo!!!! Are you officially off the market????" While some wanted to know if the 27-year-old "could fight" for the "Taken" actor, this person simply stated, "Welp time to change my wallpaper on my Apple Watch but I'm so happy for you."

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