Corey Feldman Fears He Was Jabbed With Syringe, Tested for Possible Virus

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By TheBlast Staff on March 28, 2018 at 12:34 AM EDT


9:30 AM: Feldman's attorney, Perry Wander, tells The Blast the actor "Filed a formal police report that three young Hispanic males jumped out of their vehicle and attempted to instigate a fight," adding that one of them approached Feldman's door and "attacked him with a sharp object." Wander says the LAPD sent forensics to get "fingerprints off the vehicle," and "They took DNA swabs and sent a police photographer to the hospital to photograph his injury."

The attorney backs up Feldman's claim that there have been many threats made against the actor after he came forward with molestation claims, and says Feldman is currently at home "recovering from this very scary event."

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Corey Feldman is anxiously awaiting test results after claiming someone stabbed him with what he believes may have been a syringe.

Feldman's rep tells The Blast the actor underwent multiple tests early Wednesday morning to make sure he was not injected with a "poison or virus" after he claims he was stabbed with a long object.

As we reported, police are investigating the incident as assault with a deadly weapon but say there is no indication of a laceration or cut to his abdomen.

We're told Feldman felt like he had been "stabbed once" after an alleged assailant opened his car door and jabbed him. He says the man did not ask for his wallet or communicate anything about the attack

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Feldman believes the attack may be related to threats he’s been receiving on social media ever since he came forward with allegations that he was sexually abused in Hollywood. We're told he has been on the receiving end of abuse and threats for some time, and thinks the attack may be related.

He has since been released from the hospital, and is still unsure what the extent of his injuries may be.

The investigation by law enforcement is ongoing.

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