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‘1000-LB Sisters’ Stars Amy & Tammy Slaton Flaunt Extreme Weight Loss For Halloween

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By Afouda Bamidele on October 31, 2023 at 5:15 PM EDT

The Slaton sisters Amy & Tammy Slaton have shared their love for the Halloween season but it is their extreme weight loss that has got fans spooked! 

The reality TV stars, known as the "1000 Lb. Sisters," put their impressive new weight in everybody's face when they uploaded separate posts of themselves in their Halloween costumes.

In less than 30 minutes, both posts earned thousands of likes and hundreds of comments from eager fans who wanted Amy Slaton-Halterman and Tammy Slaton to feel special in their new bodies.

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Amy & Tammy Slaton Wow Fans In Their Outfits For The Spooky Festivities

Even though Amy has been busy shedding a ton of weight, she has managed to keep her progress away from the online world. She, however, fashioned her nearly 600,000 followers with a look at her Halloween outfit for the year.

The mother-of-two posted a close-up selfie that showcased her face which was amply covered with makeup, including purple eyeshadow and false long lashes. One of her ears three small hoops a medium-sized stud and her blue hair were also highlighted in the image.

She appeared to be wearing a sequined dress with purple and green hues and a single strap. Thanks to the lack of a second strap, fans were treated to a view of one of the TLC star's flawless shoulders.

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Explaining her costume, Amy simply wrote in the Instagram caption, "Mermaid vibes Halloween 2023." Despite the heavily filtered nature of the picture, her supporters were quick to support her with an avalanche of praise in the comments section.

"you look enchanting. Just breathtaking. Keep it up," one person effused, as another exclaimed, "Your makeup is divine girlie!!!" A third fan complimented, "Loving the aquamarine look on you," and a fourth agreed, "Loving the long hair! Really suits you."

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The hype became even stronger when her big sister, Tammy, showed off her own Halloween costumes in a video posted on Instagram minutes later. Leaving the caption blank, the 37-year-old modeled two outfits, starting with a blue-ish skeleton two-piece that she showcased to viewers with a 360-degree spin.

She positioned herself at a wide angle so the camera could capture the significant moment and the flat black shoes she added to the ensemble. Tammy kept the flats for her second look, which was a floor-length black dress with gold shimmer on the chest area.

The outfit was reminiscent of the one worn by the Egyptian queen known as Cleopatra. The recently widowed star was all smiles as she spun around for the camera, pausing briefly to highlight its back.

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"you look so good tammy! we are so proud of you, happy halloween love! 🫶🏽," one fan enthused in the comments, while another expressed, "wow, what a transformation.. you are an inspiration to us all, happy halloween."

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A third Instagram user applauded, "Omg you look amazing," as a fourth emphasized, "F— YEAHHH YOU LOOK SO GOOD TAMMY," and a fifth noted, "I bet it feels so good to look so good in a Halloween costume and to be able to do a 360!!! Woohoo Tammy!"

The Famous Siblings Are Ready For Their Big Return To Television Screens

In September, The Blast reported that fans of the Slatons didn't have to think too deeply about the return of the "1000-Lb. Sisters" after a source claimed that filming for its fifth season was set to resume following a weeks-long delay.

In a statement about the series' return to TLC, an insider disclosed that the upcoming season will will focus on the Tammy's preparations for a medical procedure. You'd recall that the reality star had undergone gastric bypass surgery last year, after which she achieved significant weight loss.

Tammy is said to have gone from weighing 717 pounds to weighing almost 340 pounds between fall 2021 and this past summer, totaling a loss of nearly 400 pounds. The rapid weight loss led to excess skin, which she's set to address through the aforementioned procedure. 

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As for her sister, it's uncertain whether Amy's latest romantic interest, Tony Rodgers, will be featured on the show's fifth season. It's already been mentioned that he has moved in with the doting mama bear.

In case you missed it, filming for the last season of the show was paused when production captured Tammy at her late husband, Caleb Willingham's funeral in August.

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