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Donna D'Errico Reposts Steamy Swimsuit Snaps Amid Cyberbullying

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By Kristin Myers on October 31, 2023 at 6:00 PM EDT

Actress Donna D'Errico is not about to be bullied off Instagram!

The "Baywatch" star might be targeted by a group of women who are trying to get her Instagram page taken down, but that doesn't mean she is going to lie down in defeat! Although she may have had to delete a few posts to remove Meta's shadow ban against her account, Donna is bringing them all back to prove to her followers that haters never win, and she's doing it on Halloween to give fans a "treat" this year!

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'Baywatch' Babe Donna D'Errico Is Giving Fans A TREAT On Halloween!

Although it would probably be easier to delete her photos from Instagram and move on, Donna worked hard to get over two million followers on social media and she isn't about to back down now. On Tuesday, October 31, she shared five photos as a special Halloween "treat" for her followers. In the caption, she explained her situation:

"Reposting more perfectly fine pics that I was forced to remove in order to get my shadow ban lifted after haters went through reporting everything on my page. There’s nothing wrong with these photos. Jealousy is a beast. Please 'like' these a second time and show bullies that they don’t win ."

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Fortunately, her fans have been nothing but supportive of her and have encouraged Donna to keep on posting! “Instagram, please stop taking her pictures down! There is nothing wrong with these pictures and nothing inappropriate about them. Focus your time on taking down spam and fake accounts that do have inappropriate stuff on them!” one fan exclaimed, later adding, “Hopefully, we can help her out by maybe even texting Instagram directly. It's worth a try!”

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“You are the most amazing wonderful, sweetest, beautiful sexiest woman on here whatever you post makes my day, and I know makes so many others' day, and makes us all smile and happy,” another follower shared. “Haters are always going to hate. You are awesome and beautiful beyond words,” another fan chimed in. “As frustrating as it all is for you I don’t mind looking at them again,” another follower teased.

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Fans Are MORE Than Happy To 'Like' Donna's Posts A Second Time!

Earlier this month, the “Frank and Penelope” actress shared a photo of her posing in black lingerie with a pumpkin in her lap. The photo reveals barely anything, and yet, Meta still called for it to be taken down. “Here’s another photo that had to be removed in order to lift the shadow ban on my account after a group of women haters went through my account reporting all my posts,” she wrote in the caption.

“There’s nothing wrong with these photos, so I’m turning right back around and reposting them. Have a beautiful day. Hater women: Feel better about yourselves,” she continued. “Build up other women. In doing so, you can shine, too. Failing that, I guess you can simply kiss my a--.” Fortunately, fans had her back once again.

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“Thanks for reposting them! Not only is there nothing wrong with them, there’s a whole lot RIGHT!!!” one fan exclaimed. “Gorgeous, there is nothing wrong with your posts. Haters need to get a life and leave you alone,” another follower wrote. “Correct!! Nothing wrong with the photos, just a beautiful you,” a third fan gushed. “Lucky pumpkin. Can’t understand why you’re getting picked on. You post nothing but positive thoughts. And the photos while very sexy are classy sexy. Just keep being you and ignore the background noise,” another follower added.

Donna D'Errico Will NOT Be Bullied Off Instagram!

The social media sensation started reposting her reported content two days ago, starting with a video of her going for a stroll through a garden in a bikini. “There’s a group of women haters who routinely report all of my posts because it makes them feel better about themselves to see a thriving, confident woman get shadow banned and have to keep taking down all of her posts,” she wrote.

“Here is one of the many they organized their efforts to report. I had to remove it, and many others, to get my shadow ban lifted. So I’m putting it right back up. Using technology to bully is still, in fact, bullying. And Donna doesn’t get bullied,” she added.

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“In all seriousness: How do you criticize Donna? She’s amazing and radiates positivity in a profound way,” one fan commented. “Unfortunately people that are judgmental assume that if someone is attractive and comfortable in their own skin and sexuality that’s all they are. Sadly they can’t see beyond that, and will always judge a book by its cover,” another follower replied.

Although fans may never understand why some people want to bully Donna, it's clear that they have her back 100%!

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