Nick Gordon Pleads Not Guilty to Misdemeanor Battery

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By TheBlast Staff on March 28, 2018 at 9:18 PM EDT

Nick Gordon is sticking to his story that he did not assault his girlfriend, and has pleaded not guilty to battery.

Gordon had his attorney appear on his behalf Wednesday in Seminole County, Florida to enter a not guilty plea to the charge of misdemeanor battery. His previous arraignment date set for April 6 has been waived.

As we previously reported, Gordon's girlfriend, Laura Leal, is trying to assume responsibility for the fight that led to his arrest. She also wrote a letter to the judge begging him to drop the no contact order between the two, but the judge took no action.

During the 911 call Gordon made during the altercation, he begged for cops to come help because he said Leal was "crazy."

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Gordon was also re-arrested last week after Leal showed up at his home and cops suspected he was in violation of the no-contact order. He was later let go with no violation because the judge found no probable cause.

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