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TikTok Alix Earle In Cone Bra Channels Madonna On Halloween

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By Kristin Myers on October 29, 2023 at 8:00 PM EDT
Updated on October 30, 2023 at 7:52 AM EDT

TikTok star Alix Earle is a real "Material Girl" this Halloween!

The social media sensation donned a wig and a cone bra that spilled into her matching corset as she encouraged her fans to express themselves!

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TikTok Star Alix Earle Gave Fans Madonna This Halloween!

Fans of the social media sensation have been clamoring about her Halloween costume for weeks now and they were not disappointed to see her rocking a curly wig to channel Madonna for her costume. She even tagged the “Like A Virgin” singer in her caption as she posed in a cone bra that was stitched into her zip-up white bodysuit, complete with a white belt. She paired the look with sheer black tights and a gold chain necklace.

“Too Hot To Handle” season 3 and “Perfect Match” reality star Georgia Hassarati exclaimed, “Slay the house boots down Madonna” in one comment while other fans thanked her for not editing her armpit hair out of the photos! It may seem like a strange thing to some, but fans have always loved how Alix keeps it “real” with her followers!

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Alix’s Fans Are HAPPY To See Her Showing Off Her Armpit Hair!

“Queen for not editing your armpits. Idk why we all gotta edit them we all know we have armpit hair. You are a queen ILY ALIX!!!!!!” one fan exclaimed.

“Thank you for not editing your armpits. (There is literally nothing wrong with them but just being able to see that it’s real skin)... it’s refreshing to see on a ‘celeb/influencer,’” another follower shared.

“Yes, exactly this!! I’m so insecure about mine and seeing someone as Alix not edit it is so refreshing,” a third fan chimed in.

Other followers ventured that she looked like Miley Cyrus or even Megan Fox!

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Alix Earle Recently Opened Up About Her Body Dysmorphia

In the third episode of her podcast, Hot Mess With Alix Earle, the Internet celebrity got real with her followers when she opened up about her history of disordered eating. She told her followers that she had an “obsession” with being “paper thin” when she was in high school.

“This is something very personal and that I haven’t really talked about online before,” she said in comments transcribed by the Daily Mail. “Growing up, I never really had a problem with food, that was never really talked about in my family.  I had never thought that women need to diet or eat healthy, I just thought [you should] eat what you want, eat what you love.”

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“I started to have this body dysmorphia, I would look in the mirror and see someone way bigger, and I was never happy with the person I saw in the mirror,” she said, describing that she would “constantly” pinch the sides of her body in order to see how “fat” she was.

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Alix Looks Back On Being 'Obsessed' With Diet Culture

She said that she began to use calorie counters to track how much she ate, adding that she  “would get stressed out” if she felt the “numbers went too high.” The influencer admitted, “I was so obsessed with this dieting culture, I just went down such a bad path with myself, and my body, and my image.”

“I wish I could go back and hug myself because all that started to run through my mind, was food, calories, how to make meals small when I’m going to work out next,” she explained. “I ate nothing at lunch, so I would come back home starving and eat everything,” she said, adding that her mind would then go “a million miles per hour trying to calculate how many calories I just consumed.”

Alix Earle Gets Candid: 'I Knew I Needed To Stop'

“At the time, I didn’t understand what I had just started, this wasn’t me aware that this was an eating disorder, I didn’t know that other people who had eating disorders did this, I thought this was so clever,” she explained, admitting that all of her friends in high school wanted to be "paper thin" and shared similar views on food.

Fortunately, when she got to college, she was able to make new friends who helped her reevaluate her relationship with food. “It’s been hard for me to comprehend it myself and I’ve only told it to a handful of people in my life,” she said, adding, “I knew I needed to stop and I did.”

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