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Matthew Perry Found Dead After Reportedly Playing 2-Hour Game Of Pickleball

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By Favour Adegoke on October 28, 2023 at 9:53 PM EDT
Updated on October 28, 2023 at 10:28 PM EDT

Matthew Perry's shocking death reportedly came after playing a popular game and exercising, and no drugs were found at the scene. 

According to sources close to the investigation, Perry was apparently engaged in a lengthy game of pickleball after which he sent his assistant out on an errand.

After getting back, the assistant found Perry unresponsive in the jacuzzi and dialed 911. As we said, first responders arriving at the scene, claim no drugs were found in the area.

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Matthew Perry Was Involved In A Game Of Pickleball Prior To His Death

2013 White House Correspondents Dinner Arrivals

As we reported, "Friends" star Matthew Perry sadly passed away at the age of 54. Dispatch audio, obtained by The Blast confirms the call from inside his home was reported as a "drowning." In the audio, dispatchers are advising the paramedics of what is going on at the location. 

It's unclear if the assistant was guided by the 911 operator to attempt CPR.

As earlier reported, first responders arrived at the scene finding the actor in full cardiac arrest. The actor was reportedly found in a jacuzzi at the home, although it's unclear how he ended up in the water. 

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Matthew Perry Struggled With Substance Abuse

Matthew Perry
Instagram | Matthew Perry

In an interview with the New York Times in 2022, the "Fools Rush In" actor discussed his long battle with substance abuse. He revealed that his addiction began in his younger years with alcohol before advancing to more complex substances such as Vicodin, OxyContin, and Xanax.

To feed his addiction, the actor admitted to seeing eight doctors simultaneously to obtain numerous prescriptions for the same drugs. Perry also shared that he "probably spent $9m or something trying to get sober."

However, Perry's years of substance abuse came to a head in 2018 when he was hospitalized with pneumonia, an exploded colon, and other serious health issues. After spending two weeks in a coma and nine months with a colostomy bag, he underwent over a dozen stomach surgeries.

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Perry wrote his memoir as part of his recovery and said the emotions came "pouring out of me – the painful stuff, hospitals, rehabs, all of this stuff — it poured out of me. It went quickly."

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Matthew Perry Says Jennifer Aniston 'Reached Out The Most'

'Friends' Co-Star Breaks Silence On Matthew Perry's Passing

In an interview with Diane Sawyer, Perry opened up about how Jennifer Aniston confronted him about his addiction struggles.

The actor shared that while they were on the set of "Friends" on a particular day, Aniston had walked up to him and boldly said, "We know that you're drinking," implying that she and his other castmates were well aware of Perry's alcoholism at the time.

Perry noted that the confrontation with the actress was "scary" but did not explain why he felt that way.

After the confrontation, Aniston continued to reach out to Perry amid his addiction struggle, and according to Perry, this made him indebted to her.

The actor told Sawyer in a clip, per Daily Mail, "She was the one that reached out the most. You know, I'm really grateful to her for that." 

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Matthew Perry Wants To Be Remembered As The Guy Who 'Lived Well And Helped People'

Matthew Perry at MCC Theater The End Of Longing Media Day

During a talk at the Los Angeles Book Festival last year to promote his memoir, "Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing," Perry emphasized that the book's purpose wasn't to blame anyone in particular for the struggles he discussed in the book, which included his battle with opioid addiction. 

Perry said, "I've been in therapy since I was 18. I wanted to ensure that this wasn't the kind of book where I blame people for what they did wrong. You have to give them credit for the things they did right."

The actor also said he would like to be remembered "as a guy who lived life, loved well, lived well, and helped people. That running into me was a good thing and not something bad."

Rest in peace, Matthew Perry.

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