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Heidi Klum Gets Nude On Halloween Weekend: ‘Go Big Or Go Home’

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By Kristin Myers on October 28, 2023 at 6:00 PM EDT

Model Heidi Klum is teasing “the calm before the storm.”

She hasn’t revealed what this year’s Halloween costume will be yet, but if it’s anything like last year’s epic Hallo-worm costume, fans are in for a treat this year!

Only three days before the spooky holiday officially commenced, the 50-year-old model took to Instagram to share a single snap of her flaunting her unclothed body on a pink plush couch.

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Model Heidi Klum Strips Naked Before Unveiling Her 2023 Halloween Costume

On Saturday afternoon, the “America’s Got Talent” judge stretched out on a pink shaggy couch, dangling her bare legs over the edge. Fans who look closely can see that she’s not wearing anything at all as she artfully drapes an arm over her bare chest. Her long blonde hair spills out over the edge of the couch in loose waves as she poses beneath a photograph that shows two individuals locked in an intimate position.

In the caption, Heidi wrote, “The calm before the storm. 3 days to #heidihalloween2023. My motto this Halloween [is] GO BIG OR GO HOME.” Fans know that the former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model is the Queen of Halloween and they can’t wait to see what she has in store this year!

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Heidi Klum Took A Trip To Some Place VERY Secret To Take A Look At Her Halloween Costume!

In The Blast's previous report of Heidi Klum's top 10 Halloween costumes of all time, it was reported that the first-ever German-born Victoria's Secret Angel spoke to ET about preparing this year's Halloween costume. She revealed that the costume is being designed at an undisclosed location that actually took her a ten-hour trip to go see it!

“I actually just took a trip, five hours I had to fly someplace — and I don’t even want to say where, ’cause I don’t want to give you away any clue — but I had to fly five hours to this mysterious place and five hours back just to have a little look how things were going,” she told the outlet, adding that "Things are going very well. Thank goodness!"

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When asked for a hint about what the costume might be, Heidi replied, “I mean, the tiniest little hint I can give you is it’s going to be very colorful and super big." She went on to say, “Honestly, I was envisioning it to be epic” and believes that it will likely go viral on social media this year! It seems like this might be her biggest costume yet, as she teased that she might "block a few lanes of the street" when she tries to show off for her annual star-studded Halloween bash.

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She also revealed that she still has her old costumes still lurking around her house somewhere, adding, “I am a hoarder just for my regular, normal clothes, so why would I not hoard my costumes?” Fortunately, it seems that Heidi will never wear a costume twice and fans are looking forward to see what she has in store this year!

Heidi Can't Stop Gushing Over Her 'Really Extra' Halloween Costume

One month before Halloween, Heidi Klum told the Daily Mail that her costume is “going to be extra. It’s going to be really extra,” she said at the time, adding, “I have had sleepless nights over it. You know me,” she teased. She went on to say that she has different "plans" for her costume, admitting that although her team wasn't too sure about her worm costume, it was always her Plan A. “They were like, ‘A worm, really’ They kind of wanted me to think of a plan B and a plan C, but I’m not like that,” she recalled. “For me, it is Plan A.”

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Although people thought her idea was “too crazy,” Heidi stuck with it. “Everyone around is always like, ‘Think of something different. This is crazy. And the worm is crazy,’” she added, noting that “this time around” the “same thing” is happening, with her team begging her to “think of a plan B.” Although she refused to give any hints at the time, she added, “I have to admit, I love it. And then my gut, I feel like it’s going to be good."

Fans only have a few more days to find out!

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