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How Kim Kardashian Is Fighting Climate Change With 'SHOCKING' New SKIMS

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By Afouda Bamidele on October 27, 2023 at 2:00 PM EDT
Updated on October 27, 2023 at 2:17 PM EDT

The Earth's temperature is rising, but Kim Kardashian is beating the heat with a new SKIMS product!

The reality TV queen is ending the week with a hilarious Friday post about climate change and her role in defeating the environmental crisis. Instead of lobbying for more sustainable practices to solve the ongoing problem, "The Kardashians" star is releasing some brand new undergarments. 

And fans love it!

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Kim Kardashian Gives SNL Vibes In New Ad For Her Climate-Friendly Bra

In her latest Instagram update, the voluptuous goddess displayed her irresistible body in a figure-hugging gray ensemble from her SKIMS line. The entertainer donned glossy pink lips and glamorous makeup with her raven-black tresses styled into a ponytail and two face-framing tendrils.

The video starts with the TV personality seated at a desk, looking like a hot secretary in glasses as she pretends to input data into a computer. While giving her monologue, the camera zoomed in closer to the socialite's chest, giving fans a nippy display. Kardashian said:

"The Earth's temperature is getting hotter and hotter. The sea levels are rising. The ice sheets are shrinking. And I'm not a scientist. But, I do believe everyone can use their skill set to do their part."

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Before viewers misunderstood the intricate details on her chest area, "The Kardashians" star moved towards a banner for an educational session about her new SKIMS bra. According to the Glamour Award winner, she is launching the product to help fans stay cool no matter the weather. In her words:

"That's why I'm introducing a brand new bra with a built-in n-----. So, no matter how hot it is, you'll always look cold. Some days are hard, but these n------s are harder. And unlike the icebergs, these aren't going anywhere."

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After another close-up shot of the in-built nipple bra, the "Disaster Movie" actress teased fans by taking off her top to expose her new SKIMS product. Kardashian gave off various seductive poses with the wind in her hair while flaunting the tempting underwear as the video ends.

Despite the ad's hilarious nature, Kardashian stressed that her intentions about climate change are real in her caption. The ultimate nipple bra set to launch on Tuesday, October 31 at 9AM PT/12PM ET will donate 10% of its sales to support the environment.

The one-time donation will go to @1percentftp, "a global network with thousands of businesses and environmental organizations working together to support people and the planet," the 43-year-old concluded her post alongside a credit to the skit's writer.

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Fans Praise Kim Kardashian As The Ultimate Businesswoman With Her New Nip Bra

Kim Kardashian is seen out and about in Calabasas

Like everything the KKW Beauty founder does, her new bra announcement sent fans into a frenzy. The comment section blew up with positive reactions to the billionaire's product with many applauding her marketing skills. The reality TV star's longtime pal, Malika Haqq supported the underwear, writing: "Yesss free the n----s."

"THAT IS MARKETING BRAVO KIM," a follower chimed with another agreeing: "This is iconic. I love this ad sm." A fourth echoed similar sentiments, describing Kardashian's product as "the best thing to ever happen."

"Commercial of the year," a fan declared while a fellow supporter highlighted the benefits of the in-built nipple bra. The individual penned: "Love this for women who have had to have a double mastectomy due to breast cancer! Thank you Kim."

"Skims lately = marketing genius," someone claimed. "That girl is a genius," a fan added with another labeling Kardashian "the queen of service delivery." The new bra left many celebrities rooting for the businesswoman with the reporter Bernie Zilio commenting, "I wanna hateā€¦ but this is kinda genius and WILL sell."

The artist Helen Ochoa shared similar thoughts about the socialite's bra, writing, "I mean. It works! Whatever she does?! WORKS, I totally want this bra!!" Another fan pointed out that men were in danger with the new product with the comment that read, "Oh Gawd, we about to make these men walk into a pole."

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