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Was Mike Caussin Brave Enough To Dive Into Ex Jana Kramer's Explosive Memoir?

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By Afouda Bamidele on October 27, 2023 at 10:15 AM EDT

Jana Kramer's explosive memoir about the dissolution of her marriage with Mike Caussin is not triggering any alarms for the former NFL player!

The ex-spouses once made headlines for their tumultuous relationship, featuring multiple alleged infidelities on the athlete's part. Although his former wife has released the good and bad details of their relationship, the Springfield native does not see the tell-all book in a negative light.

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Mike Caussin Says He Trusts Ex-Wife Jana Kramer's Intentions With Her Memoir

Kramer's new autobiography, "The Next Chapter," is ready for fans to read and digest the behind-the-scenes moments that led to her separation from Caussin. However, the memoir does not focus on the former football tight end as it explores the "One Tree Hill" actress's journey to finding peace after the rocky split.

Following the book's release, the country music singer invited her ex-beau on her iHeart Media podcast "Whine Down with Jana Kramer" to discuss his feelings about the written publication. The first part of the three-part interview series captured the former lovers echoing similar trust in their post-divorce relationship.

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Caussin surprised listeners with his support for Kramer's memoir, noting that he had initially been "skeptical" when his ex-wife announced the project last fall. However, the duo's friendship has since evolved to the point where he does not doubt her intentions with the book.

The former NFL star stressed that his faith in Kramer was so strong he refused to grab a copy of "The Next Chapter" because he understood the written work was the "Dancing With The Stars" alum's perspective about their marriage and not his own journey. The 36-year-old said:

"Jana asked me now that it’s published, ‘Before it comes out, do you want to read it?’ and I told her, ‘No,’ because I trust our relationship more now than I ever have."

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2019 E! People's Choice Awards held at Barker Hangar on November 10, 2019 in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California, United States. 10 Nov 2019 Pictured: Mike Caussin, Jana Kramer.
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The former Jacksonville Jaguars player continued saying,  "For me, I thought, ‘Why read it and rehash — in my own work and journey — rehash some of these things emotionally and internally and feel any time kind of way for Jana?’ I believe Jana — what her point and her narrative is."

Despite supporting the "Why Ya Wanna" singer's memoir, Caussin confessed there may be a few snippets of the book that leave a bitter taste in his mouth. However, he reaffirmed that "The Next Chapter" words were not directed at him but reflected Kramer's journey. In the media personality's words:

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"I know where her heart is, and anything in there I know doesn’t necessarily directly have to do with me anymore. It’s just her story. I support her, I’m proud of her, I’m happy for her, but whatever it says in regards to our marriage, it is what it is."

Additionally, the former spouses agreed that Kramer's memoir would have taken a different turn had she written the book two years earlier. However, the ex-lovers overcame their differences to achieve their new trust-filled relationship.

The "I Got the Boy" singer expressed gratitude for what the pair have, saying: “We have a new relationship. Our marriage died, but we have a new relationship. This is a better relationship.”

Jana Kramer Previously Claimed That Her Book Was Not About Mike Caussin

The country music star previously raved about her blossoming friendship with Caussin before her memoir's release. During a Q&A session with fans on her Instagram Story, the mother of two explained that her book was not about her ex-husband.

Instead, "The Next Chapter" served as a powerful reminder to divorcees and those going through challenging times that a rainbow will rise after the storm. When asked about her memoir's biggest takeaway, the entertainer penned:

"That you’re not alone in the struggle with self worth, self love, loneliness, not feeling good enough, and the battle with anxiety… AND… that there is HOPE and HEALING on the other side."

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When another fan wondered why Caussin was in the three-part interview about the memoir despite Kramer's claims that the book was not about him, the TV personality gave a lengthy explanation about the duo's relationship.

According to the ACM Award winner, the father of her two children was on “@whinedownpodcast because though this book wasn’t about him, we have evolved so much, and that’s why should be highlighted. Not the stories from the past.”

Kramer stressed that "The Next Chapter" was not about any of her ex-lovers but a reflection on her personal journey, specifically her process of self-improvement. "Some of those stories just play a part of the evolution to healing and the growth," the 39-year-old concluded her message.

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