Tamar Braxton's Financial Problems Deepen, Mansion Hit with $244k More in Liens

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By TheBlast Staff on April 8, 2018 at 9:37 PM EDT

Tamar Braxton’s profit when she finally sells her Calabasas mansion is going to be much less than she wants because her estranged husband Vincent Herbert has been hit with multiple liens against the home.

Recently, a company named Townsgate Capital Corporation filed a lien against the former couple’s Calabasas mansion. They sued the music producer and won a judgment of $104,031.57 last year. Vince has yet to pay up and now they've hit him with the lien.

A couple weeks later, a separate company, University Limousine, filed a lien against Vince and Tamar’s mansion. The court docs explain they sued Vince over unpaid services and won a judgment in the amount of $113,861.71.

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The final lien was filed by City National Bank for a judgment they won against Vince in the amount of $26,245.06. The total for the three liens comes to $244,138.34.

Vince’s financial troubles are on top of the lien filed against Tamar by their former nanny of over $213,000, she was awarded over unpaid wages. That's about $450,000 in liens that will have to be deducted and paid to their creditors, off the top, from any money they make from the eventual sale of the home.

Vince and Tamar purchased the property back in 2013 for $10.5 million. They put the home on the market in October for $15 million but unlisted it recently.

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The couple is currently in the middle of a nasty break up with their divorce yet to be finalized, however over the weekend they were spotted on vacation together with their son in Cabo.

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