22-Year-Old Driver Charged With Murder Of 4 Pepperdine University Sorority Girls, Bail Set At $8M

22-Year-Old Driver Charged With Murder Of 4 Pepperdine University Sorority Girls

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By Favour Adegoke on October 25, 2023 at 1:45 PM EDT

A tragic accident in Malibu resulted in four Pepperdine University students' deaths, and a 22-year-old has been charged with murder.

Fraser Michael Bohm, 22, now faces four murder charges after his BMW struck Niamh Rolston, Peyton Stewart, Asha Weir, and Deslyn Williams, who were hit while standing by their cars near a frat house.

Initially, Bohm had been charged with gross vehicular manslaughter but was released to gather evidence. Pepperdine University expressed profound sorrow, holding a memorial service and awarding posthumous degrees to the victims.

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Driver Faces Four Counts Of Murder For Pepperdine University Students

Bohm, 22, who allegedly struck four Pepperdine University seniors, Rolston, Stewart, Weir, and Williams, resulting in their deaths, is now facing four counts of murder charges following the tragic incident in Malibu.

As reported by the authorities, the accident occurred on the treacherous Pacific Coast Highway when Bohm lost control of his BMW while speeding.

The young women, all from the same sorority, were killed on the scene as Bohm's car collided with them as they stood by their cars close to a Pepperdine frat house, following an impact with several parked vehicles. Two others were injured in the incident.

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Fraser Michael Bohm's Bail Now Set At $8 Million

Following the tragic incident, Bohm was initially arrested and charged with gross vehicular manslaughter. However, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, he was "subsequently released to allow detectives time to gather the evidence needed to secure the strongest criminal filing and conviction."

In a press release at the time, the Sheriff's Department shared that law enforcement is actively collecting evidence, including toxicology and speed analysis, as well as executing search warrants.

As of writing, Bohm's bail is set at $8 million, and his next court appearance is scheduled for November 1.

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In a statement, the sheriff's department shared its commitment to justice, saying, "The Sheriff's Department is relentlessly working to ensure we get justice for the victims' families."

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Witnesses Say Driver Attempted To Flee The Scene

The tragic incident occurred at approximately 8:30 PM local time near Malibu Pier and La Costa Beach. At the time of the incident, witnesses reported that Bohm appeared uninjured and attempted to leave the scene, but bystanders and students from Pepperdine Sigma Chi apprehended him.

A sheriff's office spokesperson revealed that a DUI investigation is ongoing, and officials mentioned a Pepperdine fraternity party took place in the area, with the victims intending to meet others at the time.

The accident occurred near the frat house on a dangerous stretch of road known as Dead Man's Curve. Photos obtained by Daily Mail illustrate the hazardous bend where Bohm lost control of his BMW. 

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Video footage from KTLA from the night of the incident shows Bohm undergoing a sobriety test conducted by police while his damaged red BMW is being towed away.

Pepperdine University To Award Victims With Posthumous College Degrees

Following the incident, Pepperdine University President Jim Gash issued a statement confirming the identities of the four young women and expressing his profound sorrow over the tragedy.

He addressed the students who knew and lived with the departed members of the Pepperdine community, stating, "To the students who loved, lived with, and were in community with the departed members of our Pepperdine family, my heart is broken with yours." 

"I join you in your grief as we process this profound loss," he added.

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Vice President for Student Affairs Connie Horton also emphasized the unity of the community during this time, saying, "In this time of immeasurable grief and heartache, we stand together as a community and turn to our faith and each other to find hope and healing in the midst of this tragedy."

"Each departed student brought a unique gift and spirit to the University, and we deeply grieve the unfulfilled hopes and aspirations of our precious community members."

The university held a memorial service on its Malibu campus to remember all four victims. University officials also announced that Rolston, Stewart, Weir, and Williams would be posthumously awarded their college degrees, which they were set to receive in the upcoming spring.

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