Madonna kicks off her world tour "The Celebration Tour" with her first concert in London.

Madonna Says 'It's A Miracle' She Is Still On Tour After Health Issues

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By Afouda Bamidele on October 23, 2023 at 5:10 PM EDT

Madonna is making waves in Belgium as she triumphantly continues her tour.

Considering the challenges and hurdles that the pop icon has faced in recent times, the singer herself referred to her tour as nothing short of "a miracle." Although the start of the anticipated tour still faced a slight hiccup over breaking a strict gig curfew in London, nevertheless, the Queen of Pop's boundless energy continues to captivate audiences worldwide.  

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Madonna's Remarkable Tour Journey Continues In Belgium

The "True Blue" artist took to the stage in Belgium and left her audience deeply moved as she shared a poignant revelation about her recent health journey. Just four months ago, the actress faced a life-threatening situation that led to a hospital stay. 

Now, against the odds, she stood before her fans, a living testament to resilience and the power of a second chance. In Belgium, a week into her tour, the 65-year-old started by reflecting on the recent past:

"Less than four months ago, I was in a hospital and I was unconscious, and people were thinking, predicting that I might not make it." 

Addressing the audience at Sportpaleis in Merksem, she expressed her immense gratitude for the chance at life she had been given. She emphasized her profound gratitude for being on that stage, stating:

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"It's a f—ing miracle that I'm here right now. My mother, god bless her, she must be watching over me — she said, 'Girl, it's not your time to go.'"

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Despite not feeling her best at that moment, the "Like a Virgin" chart topper mentioned the overwhelming sense of thankfulness she held for her children and the unwavering support of her fans. In her words:

"I was given another chance, so I'm very grateful for that. I must tell you I don't feel very well right now, but I can't complain, because I'm alive. Thank god for my children and all of your love and support." 

Because of what she considered the miracle of being alive, it prompted Madonna to empathize with her late mother, who battled breast cancer and passed away when she was just five years old. Recalling the moment, the "Desperately Seeking Susan" star noted:

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"I had this strange thought. I suddenly had sympathy for my mother, not about the dying part, but how lonely she must have felt being in hospital, knowing that she wasn't going to live." 

Fans will recall that in June, the "Dick Tracy" star's manager, Guy Oseary, disclosed that she had spent time in the ICU due to a bacterial infection. Although her health had been a cause for concern, the prognosis was optimistic. 

After a three-month delay to ensure her well-being, Madonna finally launched her highly anticipated Celebration Tour on October 14 at London's O2 Arena.

The 'Madame X' Artist's Celebration Tour Hits A Snag

Madonna kicks off her world tour "The Celebration Tour" with her first concert in London.

As the "Body of Evidence" actress embarked on her celebrated global tour, she faced an unexpected challenge. The second day of her comeback tour saw her grapple with a strict gig curfew, underscoring the resilience that has defined her career.

Starting at 9 pm, she reportedly navigated the constraints of the arena's 10:30 pm curfew, leaving her with limited time to deliver her iconic hits. Despite her best efforts, beloved songs like "Like a Virgin" and "Celebration" had to be omitted.

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Undeterred, Madonna extended her performance by an additional 30 minutes, concluding at 11 pm, albeit with warnings that some fans might miss the last Tube trains. In light of this, the "Hard Candy" singer potentially faced a substantial fine of £300,000 ($364,990) per the curfew rules set by the arena's operators and Transport for London. 

Apparently, defying this curfew incurs a penalty of £10,000 ($12,166) for each minute exceeded. But there might be a glimmer of hope for the businesswoman: The Greenwich Council clarified that their midnight curfew had not been breached. 

A council representative also suggested that Madonna might avoid the hefty fine, stating, "We do not intend to investigate." Even with that, concertgoers expressed their disappointment on social media, with one fan particularly critical of the venue's stringent regulations.

The die-hard devotee noted angrily, "How dare the b—–s at the O2 cut Madonna short."

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