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Britney Spears Claims Justin Timberlake Cheated On Her ‘A Couple of Times’

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By Kristin Myers on October 19, 2023 at 10:30 AM EDT

Pop star Britney Spears is opening up on her relationship with Justin Timberlake in "The Woman In Me."

Following the bombshell news that she had an unplanned pregnancy during the time that they dated in 1999 to 2002, the "Toxic" singer also alleged that the "Cry Me A River" singer was unfaithful to her during the relationship.

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Justin Timberlake Allegedly Cheated On Britney Spears ‘A Couple Of Times’

Justin Timberlake And Britney Spears

Although excerpts from Britney Spears’ memoir “The Woman In Me” have been published online over the past week, one source told Us Weekly that an excerpt that has not yet been released focuses on Justin’s unfaithfulness during their relationship.

The source claims that the “Mirrors” singer had cheated on her “a couple of times” during their three-year relationship. Although some sources said that Britney refused to name names in her book, a source told the outlet that she specifically writes about the time the NSYNC boy bander was photographed with “one of the girls from All Saints” in London in the year 2000.

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The British girl group consisted of Natalie Appleton, Nicole Appleton, Melanie Blatt, and Shaznay Lewis before they disbanded in 2001. Photographers at the time caught Justin and Nicole sneaking into the St. Martins Lane Hotel at the time.

Although most fans suspected that Justin was caught being unfaithful, that is not the only time that Britney says that “The Social Network” actor stepped out on her. In her memoir, Britney reportedly claims that Justin bragged to one of her dancers about a girl he hooked up with in Las Vegas, saying that he “hit that last night.”

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Britney And Justin Play Coy About The End Of Their Relationship

Justin Timberlake at the Los Angeles premiere of 'In Time' - Arrivals

As the outlet reported, Justin played coy about the end of the relationship in an interview with Barbara Walters. “We’re not perfect. I don’t judge anybody,” he said at the time. “It’s just young love. It was a very intense relationship, that’s for sure.”

In 2003, Britney talked about being the potential muse behind “Cry Me A River” in an interview with Rolling Stone. “I think I was in shock, to be honest. I didn’t know what to say, what to do,” she said at the time, adding, “That was the last thing I ever thought somebody might do. I was really shocked s—tless. But you live and you learn.”

“I think it looks like such a desperate attempt, personally. But that was a great way to sell the record. He’s smart,” she added.

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In his 2018 book, “Hindsight & All the Things I Can’t See in Front of Me,” Justin revealed that he wrote “Cry Me A River” in two hours after he felt “scorned.”

“I’ve been scorned. I’ve been pissed off. I wrote ‘Cry Me a River’ in two hours. I didn’t plan on writing it,” he wrote at the time. “The feelings I had were so strong that I had to write it, and I translated my feelings into a form where people could listen and, hopefully, relate to it. People heard me and they understood it because we’ve all been there.”

Did Britney Spears Really Cheat On Justin Timberlake?

Britney Spears at the "Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood" Los Angeles Premiere

On Thursday morning, The Sun reported that the "Womanizer" confessed to cheating on Justin in "The Woman In Me." Sources told the outlet that Britney explained how she made out with dancer Wade Robson after a night at a Spanish bar around the same time she was with Justin. However, the source claims that Britney only stepped out on Justin because he had been unfaithful to her first.

“We were out one night and we went to a Spanish bar. We danced and danced. I made out with him that night,” she reportedly wrote in her memoir, adding that she had been faithful to Justin “with that one exception.” However, she reportedly told Justin about the incident right after it happened, and the two were able to patch up their relationship before it came to an end in 2002.

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Fans are looking forward to reading the rest of Britney's memoir, "The Woman In Me," which is scheduled for release on Tuesday, October 24, 2023.

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