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Jana Kramer Breaks Silence On Hospital Stay During Her 'Babymoon'

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By Afouda Bamidele on October 16, 2023 at 7:15 AM EDT

Jana Kramer's plans to soak up the sun during a romantic "Babymoon" with her fiancé Allan Russell hit an unexpected health bump!

The "One Tree Hill" star, who is pregnant with the couple's first child, recently detailed her trip to the hospital. On Sunday, the country music songstress revealed she was on the mend after failing to acknowledge a reoccurring back pain. Her story connected her to fans, who shared similar tales about their motherhood journeys.

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Jana Kramer Stresses The Importance Of Listening To One's Body After Fan's Lifesaving Advice

In her latest Instagram update, the "Why Ya Wanna" singer shared a carousel of images and a touching video of her unborn son's steady heartbeat. Kramer explained the baby had no issues following her emergency trip to the hospital during her stay in Florida. The TV personality began her lengthy caption with a reassuring message to her fans that read:

"Part one….Well. Our babymoon didn't go as planned, but there were some lessons learned. First off and most important, baby is good."

She then reminded her followers about a week-old health update that she previously gave, writing, "The back pain I've been dealing with for weeks wasn't just back pain. Lesson number one…don't just brush off pain, because it can be more serious than you think."

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"So many times (moms especially) just brush off pain because we are the last ones to take care of ourselves," the country singer lamented, noting she had disregarded her symptoms as a discomfort caused by her pregnancy. Fortunately, a fan's wealth of knowledge saved her from worsening the situation. 

"I just had chalked it up to pregnancy and didn't tell the doctors because back pain is 'normal,' so 'don't be a wimp' is what I thought," the 39-year-old wrote. The turning point came when she got a useful message in her DM from a fan. In her words:

"Then someone very sweet in my dms sent me a message that it could possibly be my kidney. (I've since thanked her for her dm)."

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However, Kramer did not swiftly take action to check her kidneys, given the couple's scheduled babymoon, and still boarded a plane to Florida. Upon arrival, the back pain became unbearable for the "I Got the Boy" singer, and she felt "even more sick."

"Long story short, it was a bad bacterial infection that got into the kidneys. This resulted in a 2-day stay in hospital and antibiotics because I let it get passed where I should have," the pregnant entertainer confessed. "So. Lesson. Listen to ur body. Ur not a baby or inconveniencing people. If u hurt, talk to ur doctor."

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The ACM Award winner advised her followers to learn from her mistakes, stressing that ignoring their symptoms could lead to severe consequences. Additionally, the brunette gave a special shout-out to her fiancé, who stayed by her side through the ordeal.

"Also, shout out to this amazing man who I begged to go sleep at the beautiful hotel he got for us but instead slept on a pull-out chair," Kramer thanked Russell before writing, "*Tip... Find u a man who doesn't make u feel bad or leave ur side when ur not feeling good."

Jana Kramer's Fans Bond With The Musician Over Their Pregnancy Health Scares

The "Whiskey" songstress's heartwarming post sparked similar health stories from fans, with one follower detailing their post-pregnancy dilemma. The individual revealed she suffered back pains after giving birth to her third child but dismissed it as labor symptoms.

"Days later, with a high fever, I finally went to the hospital, and it turned out to be a double kidney infection that spilled into my blood. I had sepsis, and my organs were about to shut down," the fan explained, describing the incident as "scary and awful."

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Another claimed she had experienced Kramer's exact ordeal during her honeymoon. "My heart goes out to you!! I ignored it as well, not wanting to ruin our honeymoon, and my new husband stayed with me every second. So much compassion for you and so happy you're doing okay!!!" the follower wrote.

A third recalled they had a kidney infection during their pregnancy's third trimester and expressed gratitude for the musician's recovery. "If gotten into the bloodstream, I was told it could affect the baby. Glad you and the baby are safe!! Take care of yourself, mama!!" the social media user chimed in.

"Same thing happened to me with my third baby. Sweet boy was laying on my right kidney, and it was able to flush out," a fan revealed. "Long story short, I needed a tube to drain my right kidney, and sweet boy was delivered a month early due to the extreme pain I was in."

Someone claimed her doctors had disregarded her back pain as a normal pregnancy symptom despite the gut feeling that told her otherwise. "Ended up in the hospital with a kidney infection, and after antibiotics, all the pain was gone!" the follower declared.

On the other hand, Kramer's babymoon was not completely ruined, as seen in part two of her Instagram update. The 39-year-old revealed the couple had spent a day on the beach, soaking up Florida's sun and enjoying the beautiful view in their swimwear.

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