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Why Did Logan Paul Mention The 'Devil' After Shoutout To Absent Fiancée Nina Agdal?

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By Afouda Bamidele on October 15, 2023 at 3:15 PM EDT

On Saturday night, Logan Paul backed up all his trash-talk after dominating his enemy Dillon Danis in the ring. However, he couldn't celebrate the big moment with his most important person — his fiancée  Nina Agdal!

However, despite her absence, the night's winner dedicated a sweet message to his woman, but a revelation he made has fans worried about their relationship.

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Logan Paul's Fiancée Nina Agdal Nowhere To Be Found

For the big fight of his life against the MMA fighter, Adgal was noticeably absent from the AO Arena in Manchester. However, after emerging victorious, the YouTube personality gave a sweet shoutout to his woman.

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While standing next to his mother and his team, a sweaty Paul said to the microphone in a viral video, "A battle like this is not easy; he is a true demon, a true coward. Now, I want to give thanks to the most important woman in my life, next to my mother, of course! My beautiful fiancée!"

In a shocking move, Paul lets go of his mother, who was holding him, as his team shoves her to the back while her son speaks of Adgal. "Wherever she is, baby, I love you so much. You're my heart and soul. I can't wait to start a family with you. Live the rest of my life with you."

Concluding his shoutout, the wrestler turned influencer got inspirational, encouraging those who might be going through something. "These past two months haven't been easy. Sometimes, the devil will make its way into your life."

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It's unsure who Paul is referring to as the "devil," but his beef with Danis has something to do with Agdal. Recall that the mixed martial artist aggravated his fight with Paul after sharing explicit photos of Agdal on social media. In response, the Danish model — who was proposed to with the wrong ring size — filed a lawsuit against Danis, accusing him of "a relentless, ongoing campaign of cyber harassment and bullying against her."

She claimed that her man's opponent "unlawfully" posted "nonconsensual, sexually explicit photographs of her on the internet without her consent." Could that have been the reason why she was nowhere to be found while her fiancé conquered her enemy?

Nevertheless, fans have many NSFW theories about her absence.

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Fans Think Nina Agdal Is Cheating On Logan Paul

In no time, fans shared their thoughts about why Agdal wasn't beside her man for his big win. One fan wrote, "Ain't no way she ghosted him at the victory speech ???," while another wrote, "He will learn to regret this in a few years. The fact that she is not there is actually funny!"

Hinting that Agdal might be stepping out, this user wrote, "Can't find Nina? She busy with… Many men, many, many, many, many men," while another described the WWE member as  the "white Will Smith."

"HOW DID HE CATCH AN L AFTER FINALLY WINNING?!?! This needs to be studied in school," observed a perplexed fan. Another claimed Agdal was busy with Danis, writing, "I heard that Nina wasn't present; she was in the back with Dillion after the match."

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Mocking Paul for acknowledging an absent Agdal, this fan wrote, "And I want to give thanks to the most important woman in my life,.......Nina.......who doesn't care enough about me to be here with me right now. She'd much rather be on her knees, in the locker room, helping KSI' get ready'........anyway........"

"'Wherever she is' Him while saying that and hoping for the best," commented another fan. Despite the lack of Agdal's presence, Paul and Danis' fight remained full of drama. In the final round, the YouTuber's security had to rush into the ring to prevent a massive brawl.

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It all began with Paul winning 10-9 in the first round, despite the dirty boxing. Despite a slow second round, the influencer conquered it, with a 10-9 win, before proceeding to take the third round too. However, in the fourth round, Danis had nine punches, while Paul had 82 punches, knocking his opponent to the ground.

An angry Danis stood up and rushed toward Paul to attack him but was stopped by the YouTuber's security and his brother, Jake Paul.

Logan Paul took home the victory, with judges declaring the winner by disqualification.

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