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Former Pastor Nikole Mitchell In Strapless Dress Shows Something ‘Unexpected’

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By Kristin Myers on October 17, 2023 at 8:00 AM EDT

Former pastor Nikole Mitchell is stunning in a strapless green dress!

The popular model went through a major lifestyle change after she attended an LGBTQ+ theater performance that completely changed her outlook on life. Now she works as a lifestyle coach, helping her 260 thousand Instagram followers live their best lives!

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Former Pastor Nikole Mitchell Shows Off Her Fit Figure In A Strapless Dress

In one of her latest Instagram posts, the former pastor flaunted her fit physique in a strapless green dress with long sleeves and two horizontal straps of fabric that stretched over her back. Her short brown hair fell over her shoulders as she posed by the water. She tagged her location as “It’s Possible.”

“I love opening up portals and pathways for more m?️ney to show up,” she wrote in the caption. “To be blessed, surprised, and supported by m?️ney. In small ways and big ways. In expected ways and unexpected ways. It keeps it fresh and exciting… not ever limiting m?️ney to how it can show up in my life.”

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“It sounds like a pipe dream but I assure you it’s not,” she continued. “M?️ney loves showing up and supporting you. Especially when we give it room to show up in different ways! So I am thrilled to be teaching on one very unexpected but now very normal pathway of m?️ney in my life… and that’s through ‘sugar papas.’”

“Something I would have totally judged in the past has become one of my most cherished ways to receive,” she revealed. “It blew open what was possible and available for me. And it’s available to you, too.” After plugging her livestream class, many fans took a moment to praise steamy snaps. “Love the green colors!!” one fan exclaimed. “Thank you!! Me too!!” Nikole replied along with a green heart emoji.

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Nikole Shares Her Passion In A Sheer Black Dress

In another Instagram post, Nikole flaunted her fit figure in a sleeveless black dress with sheer elements. The black fabric fell down to her knees as she posed for a series of shots between two statues. “My passion and job is opening up possibilities for you,” she wrote in the caption. “Where something you never once thought of becomes possible for the first time in your life… with the goal of it becoming the *norm* in your life.”

“I know not everyone wants a sugar d@ddy or wants to be a sugar b@by. But I also know most people have not even considered it… when it is one truly amazing way to be supported, seen, and celebrated!” she added. “The pathways to m?️ney are unlimited. We@lth is unlimited. *You* are unlimited.”

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“You look amazing in that dress,” one fan commented. “Beautiful,” another follower agreed. “Gorgeous lady!!!” a third fan exclaimed. “Aww, beautiful, my queen,” another follower gushed. “You’re so beautiful!” another fan chimed in while another follower simply wrote, “Wow!”

Nikole Mitchell Loves Being Surprised!

In yet another Instagram post, Nikole posed in a strapless white dress complete with a glittering neckpiece in matching earrings. In this caption, she explained that she was surprised to learn that she was okay with accepting a “SD” into her life.

“I love being surprised. At what life has in store for me. At who I can become. At what I can achieve. I love it. I love that I’m not ‘finished.’ That I’m still learning, growing, and leaning into my edges. It keeps me excited, expansive, alive, and so very grateful,” she explained. “That as long as I have lived and as much as I have experienced, it’s just a drop in the bucket of what’s available and what’s possible!!”

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“One of the biggest things to surprise me on my journey through life was learning how to call in Sug@r D@dd!€s. I literally didn’t even know what SD was until a few years ago,” she admitted. “Then my mind was blown open that people have lived decades of their lives being supported by SD. I LOVED the idea of an SD.”

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“I loved the playfulness of it, the expansiveness of it, and the ability to have a connection with someone where we both get something out of it,” she confessed. “So I became open to the possibility, not really knowing how it all worked, to then having had several SD’s over the years.” After plugging her livestream class, she encouraged her fans to DM her with any questions that they might have!

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